WWE News: John Cena reveals his stance, Check news on “Summer of Cena”

WWE News: John Cena opens up on his WWE status. Has the
WWE News: John Cena opens up on his WWE status. Has the "Summer of Cena" already ended? Check the whole story here in this post

WWE News: This latest WWE news piece is regarding John Cena. Everyone assumed John Cena will be the one to dethrone the Head of the Table at Summerslam PPV, but this didn’t happen. Roman Reigns managed to retain his title after pummeling John Cena in front of a packed crowd of over 50,000 fans at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Paradise, Nevada, this past Saturday.

Following a demeaning loss, Cena took to Twitter and thanked his fans for the support during the Summer of Cena and bid adieu to the WWE Universe for the time being. Here’s what John Cena posted,

WWE News: John Cena reveals his stance, Check news on “Summer of Cena”

“Words cannot describe how appreciative I am that the @WWEUniverse allowed me the opportunity to return and perform. Thank you staff, superstars, and most of all FANS for giving me an unforgettable summer at “home” with my “family”. The journey takes me away now but I’ll C U soon.”

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The statement from John Cena suggests that he won’t be appearing in the following week except for the 9/10 WWE Smackdown scheduled at Madison Square Garden. He will be off to Hollywood for the time being as he has some projects lined up.

WWE News: John Cena has still something to contribute to WWE

Despite being unable to cross the finishing line at Summerslam, Cena has stated that he will continue to work with the company until the WWE Universe doesn’t want to see him.

Talking to Good Morning America, Cena revealed that he still has something to offer the WWE fans and will continue doing so until he is surrounded by the love that the WWE Universe bestows on him. Cena said,

“Unfortunately WWE doesn’t give a silver medal. I think I will try to do the best I can until I feel I’m offending the consumer. There’s nothing like the energy of being in that ring with the audience around. I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to do a whole lot of stuff. That energy is indescribable. That place is my home. I wouldn’t be who I am without it. The audience is my family — I want to be kind to them — I still feel good even though I finished second so I still feel I have something to contribute.”

This current run of John Cena is seemingly over, but expect him to be back in a year or two and make the WWE Universe go ga-ga over his enigmatic presence. Till then keep reading WWE news on our portal.