WWE News: Kevin Owens believes Roman Reigns and he has a long rivalry from Royal Rumble 2017

WWE – Kevin Owens reveals his rivalry with Roman Reigns: Kevin Owens is scheduled to face off against Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship at WWE TLC on Sunday.

The two have squared off in the past and it seems Kevin Owens in particular often looks back at a match between the two that took place in 2017.

Owens was interviewed by Ryan Droste of ComicBook.com, where he opened up about the fact that he and Roman Reigns still talk about their Universal title match from the 2017 Royal Rumble. The difference being KO was the Universal Champion at that time.

“I really loved the Royal Rumble (2017) one. It’s funny because Roman and I used to talk a lot more than we do now, obviously. We will talk about that match, even years after. We’d remember little moments from that match, and I’d get a random text once in a while from him saying, ‘Hey remember when you did this in that match?’ Now, it’s like, ‘Remember when you did that?’ We’re just proud of that match, we really had a blast in it.”

“It’s almost a forgotten match, too, I’d say. Whenever people come across it, they’re like… I’ll see tweets about it once in a while, ‘Hey, I just watched this match. It’s really good. It’s really something people should go (watch).’ We feel the same way. We really had a lot of fun in it.”

We will have to see whether Owens can defeat Reigns at WWE TLC.