WWE News: Kofi Kingston lost his teeth while defending RAW Tag Team Championship at TLC 2020

WWE Kofi Kingston lost his teeth: Kofi Kingston lost more than the RAW Tag Team Titles at WWE TLC. He also lost parts of his teeth. He also provided photographic evidence as proof.

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Following that TLC match against the Hurt Business, Kofi Kingston took to Instagram where he showed off a rather disturbing image. He posted a photo of broken pieces of teeth. He also claimed that he’s been spitting out those teeth fragments since his match.

Hats off to @sheltyb803 and @cedricalexander1 tonight. I’m still spiting out pieces of my teeth. You’ve officially earned my respect. Good battle! 🍻
I’m thoroughly looking forward to the next one…

The Holidays are a time when a lot of people gather and have special food. Broken teeth aren’t helpful in that situation. We’ll have to see if Kofi Kingston can get to the dentist before Christmas. This is definitely not what he had in mind for the most wonderful time of the year.