WWE News: Roman Reigns’ future opponent for his WWE Universal Championship is still not confirmed

Roman Reigns is the Universal Champion and Tribal Chief on SmackDown, but who does WWE have in store for him down the line?

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the current climate on SmackDown. They don’t seem to have anyone stepping up to face Roman Reigns right now, but they don’t have to. Reigns’ Survivor Series opponent is already set, and the company isn’t about making long-term plans right now.

“Obviously the ratings are going up. They still have three hot [angles]. You know the thing is that they don’t have any opponents for Roman. You have Daniel Bryan who Jey Uso beat clean, and not in a way — like the injury is a way to bring him back, but they did nothing to Daniel Bryan to make him look like a contender.”

“Then you’ve got Kevin Owens who Jey Uso just beat and in that match, which was a good match, but it didn’t make you think Kevin was ready for Roman Reigns.”

It was noted that Roman Reigns doesn’t have an challenger, but he does have an opponent at Survivor Series. He is slated to face the WWE Champion, whoever that might be.

Randy Orton will defend the WWE Title against Drew McIntyre on RAW next week. Vince McMahon could always change plans again, but you never know what can happen when they approach a big event.