WWE News: Rusev trolls his former boss Vince McMahon, here is why

WWE News: A former WWE superstar is certainly not happy with the return of Shane McMahon. The released wrestler takes a dig at the WWE through his social media.
WWE is currently having a difficult time to increase the ratings and overall viewership of RAW. At its recent Annual Shareholder Meeting, Vince McMahon decided to speak about the progress of the company.
There were a number of topics which needed discussion and further planning. A few of them were the strategy for the pandemic and the drastically reducing ratings.

“Sure, I mean you want to continue to build stars no matter what time. It is so, as Paul just mentioned about NXT talent. He has done an extraordinary job of creating new stars, and as they continue to evolve, they’ll continue to come up to RAW and SmackDown, “So there’s this influence of new superstars coming into both RAW and SmackDown, and in addition to that, the ways that we now promote talent in a more effective way, digital and social media, as opposed to the normal way.”


Former WWE superstar sums up new talent strategy of the company
As soon as the announcement of Shane McMahon returning was posted by WWE’s official Twitter account, former WWE superstar Rusev took to Twitter to share his views.
Rusev’s dig is justified as he is definitely a young talent to promote. He was one of the 15 superstars released by WWE and potentially the best of the lot.
However, the RAW underground can prove to be promising, as we saw many developmental talents on the show.
While Rusev and the WWE Universe’s disappointments are understandable, one cannot deny that WWE is making efforts. A little bit of patience and who knows, we may have a wonderful year of WWE ahead.