WWE News: What does Heath Slater’s return to WWE Raw indicate

WWE News: Heath Slater made a surprise appearance on Monday’s WWE Raw in order to do a promo segment with Dolph Ziggler. The surprise return of Slater has raised many questions about the intentions of WWE as the superstar was released by the company in April. So what does hint has Heath Slater’s return dropped for the WWE Universe?


A possible 3MB Reunion?

The entire situation has hinted towards a possible reunion of the old faction of “3MB” in the future. The team of Jinder Mahal, Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre was one of the best gimmicks in WWE as the three portrayed themselves as a rockstar band. The fans will be excited to see them perform once together just like the old times.


Heath Slater may get his contract renewed


As per speculations, given the current conditions, Vince McMahon may give Heath Slater at least a one year contract. Since for the next pay per view after Extreme Rules that would be SummerSlam, McMahon might try to put up Slater in an interesting contest so that fans may get what they want. But as of now, there has been no confirmation on his future.


However, it is worth noting that Gary Cassidy of SportsKeeda had reported that Slater’s appearance on WWE Raw was seemingly a one-off appearance with WWE booking him specifically due to the nature of the segment as he has a history with McIntyre. What is in Vince McMahon’s mind only he knows but one thing is for certain. And that is, the WWE Universe is in for a big surprise in the coming days.