WWE News: WWE legend drops big hint on who is likely to be Vince McMahon’s successor

WWE News : WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is still going strong at 74, but there is still a curious question comes in our mind as a WWE fan, who will continue his WWE reigns since one day it will be time for McMahon to hand over the reigns to someone else.


The most favoured candidate who seems perfect for that is Triple-H, but McMahon could always keep the business in the family and pass it down to Stephanie or Shane.


But maybe the chairman has not decided it yet. And we are also not sure about it but the sudden things hint towards Triple H that will be the one to hold the WWE keys.


As legendary commentator Jim Ross has given his opinion on who will be running WWE when Vince is gone.


In his opinion, Triple H – real name Paul Levesque – is the most likely heir and he’s apparently already being trained for the job.


“I have an opinion on where the company will go. I will say this – you know, Vince is very healthy,” JR told Business Insider back in 2018.


“I think that, if I’m guessing, and it’s gonna strictly be a guess – that the money would be on – probably, Paul Levesque to be Vince’s successor. “I think Vince is kind of preparing him for that in a lot of ways.”


He also explained that Triple H is the guy who is always meant for WWE and WWE ‘lifer’ by those high up. “You always knew that he was different from the other guys because he was very studious, and very under control. He didn’t drink. No drugs. “He looked to be a lifer early on, and he got a lot of that from being a fan all his life. So, I think he’s probably the heir apparent.”


But why not Stephanie or Shane? They could certainly be options, but Ross also explained why he doesn’t think either would take over.


“Stephanie is very involved and, you know, is really more of a face of WWE. She does a lot of charity work. And she’s great at that. And you’ve got to have that in that world,” JR said.


“I think Shane seems to be, apparently, content with being a TV character. I don’t know where his role’s going to be going forward or what he wants it to be.


“But, I think that Paul Levesque is the one that seems to be earmarked to be the next guy, if and when Vince is not in that role.”


Of course, we just don’t know what will happen when Vince steps away from WWE. It could be Triple H, Stephanie or Shane or it could easily be someone different.


Let’s be honest though, we know Mr McMahon won’t be leaving anytime soon anyway.