WWE NXT Results: Franky Monet Calls Out Raquel Gonzales after her impressive in-ring debut


WWE NXT Results: Franky Monet’s ‘World Premiere’ was worth a wait. The seductive star made her much-awaited WWE NXT in-ring debut tonight and impressed one and all with her in-ring abilities. She made her WWE debut on NXT’s April 14 episode and since then has been talking about taking the NXT women’s division to a whole new level.

Monet made her in-ring debut tonight against Cora Jade, whom she defeated with utmost ease. She displayed her aggressive side and dominated Cora with chops, sitdown powerbomb, double knees, Rikishi’s splash, spear, and ultimately the Road to Valhalla finisher.

WWE NXT Results: Monet warned the NXT Champion and the rest of the women’s locker room after the show! 

After her impressive in-ring debut, Monet was interviewed by Mckenzie Mitchell backstage at the conclusion of the show. Monet was asked if she has put the rest of the NXT women’s locker room on notice, including the current NXT women’s champion Raquel Gonzalez, to which her reply was yes. Here’s what she said, 

“100%, McKenzie. That is what I came here to do. “That’s what I have done until getting here to the WWE, and now I will do it here, for the first time in WWE NXT. So, all of you women from the locker room, take note because you got a big ole target on your back, especially you, Raquel. Now ‘La Güera Loca’ is coming for each and every one of you.”

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After the match, Franky took to her official Instagram handle and wrote, 

“It takes a village….. you all know who you are that pushed me, believed in me, and were there for me through the ups and downs of the last 11 years…. WE DID IT!!!”

Here’s the post,

The debut has been impressive for Franky Monet, but what road lies ahead of her? Stay tuned to find out, as we will be bringing all the updates regarding Franky Monet.