WWE NXT Results: Adam Cole stands tall in tonight’s 5-man face-off

WWE NXT Results

WWE NXT Results: Chaos was expected when all the competitors of the NXT Championship match at NXT Takeover: In Your House had a face-off tonight, and eventually, it was Adam Cole who stood tall in the ring right before NXT went off-air.

Fatal 5-way face-off segment

WWE NXT Results: General Manager William Regal conducted the much-hyped fatal 5-way face-off segment, scheduled as the cherry on the top of the cake for the night. After Regal lashed out at Kross by telling him that he may be the champion, but he is not the one to run things around here, Kross snatched the mic from the GM and said that Regal doesn’t run anything. He went on to say that the show has been out of control for a long time, and he isn’t going to leave the ring until his 4 challengers don’t come out to the ring.

Kylie O’Reilly then came out, followed by Johnny Gargano, who opted to come out from the crowd but stands on the announce table. The three men talked trash about each other. Pete Dunne came out next telling Kross to shut up. Scarlett, along with Kross and O’Reilly, was in the ring, Regal and security were at the ringside, and Pete Dunne was standing at the apron. 

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A brawl explodes

WWE NXT Results: Adam Cole was the next to appear but opted for appearing on the big screen. He took shots at all his opponents and called Kross the dumbest of them all. He then says that Kross is afraid to face him one-on-one and talks about ending his title reign. After the trash talk got over, a brawl explodes that includes everyone but Cole.

O’Reilly was the first to get dropped by Kross. He then takes on the security members and Dunne. However, the security members hold Kross while O’Reilly drops Kross, then Gargano and Dunn. Kross gets up quickly to run down O’Reilly with a running forearm. 

When everyone was down, Kross raised his right hand with the title in the air, but Cole runs in out of nowhere and superkicks him on the back of his head and then on the side to take him out. The segment concluded with Adam Cole holding the NXT title in the air.