WWE NXT Results: LA Knight viciously attacks Ted Dibiase as Cameron Grimes comes to aid

WWE NXT Results

WWE NXT Results: Tonight’s WWE NXT episode was filled with surprises. Samoa Joe’s return, a backstage brawl between Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly, Io Shirai’s presence, and LA Knight getting the Million Dollar Championship title from Ted Dibiase.

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Ted Dibiase crowned LA Knight as the Million Dollar Champion

WWE NXT Results: In one of the segments tonight, LA Knight made his way to the ring and was crowned the Million Dollar Champion by Ted Dibiase. Knight defeated Cameron Grimes in the ladder match at NXT Takeover: In Your House to get his hands on the title. 

Knight broke character to let Dibiase know how much he means to him. Knight said that he grew up as a fan of the Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase. He further added that he used to wrestle as Ted Dibiase in his backyard and it is a big honor for him to receive the title from his hero. 

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However, it turned out to be lured as Knight attacked the Million Dollar Man. Before laying the attack Knight said, 

“And now that I have everything that I want, it’s time to drop everything I don’t need.” 

Cameron Grimes came out to help the Million Dollar Man!

WWE NXT Results: After the surprise turn of events, Cameron Grimes came rushing down to the ring to check upon Ted Dibiase. The Million Dollar Man was reeling in the ring after the attack, but Cameron Grimes was there to console him.

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The Million Dollar feud is not over yet!

WWE NXT Results: It seems like the Million Dollar feud between LA Knight and Cameron Grimes is not over yet. After tonight’s segment, one can assume that LA Knight and Cameron Grimes will be involved in a feud for the title for quite some weeks or a month. This rivalry is seemingly far away from over.

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