WWE NXT Results: “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase finds a new acolyte this week.


WWE NXT Results: The first-ever Million Dollar Faceoff between Cameron Grimes and Hall of Famer Ted Dibiase took an unexpected turn. The highly anticipated faceoff took place this week on WWE NXT at the WWE Performance Center. Dibiase showed up to get under the skin of Cameron Grimes- he did the same but in an unexpected manner.

Things started with Grimes asking why Dibiase has come out to target him. He then recounted his question and said that he could pick on anyone, and they will still like him because he is rich. 

Grimes continued and asked Dibiase why is he here on NXT, to which the Million Dollar Man replied that he saw a little bit of himself in Grimes.

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Dibiase said, “Who embodies everything the million-dollar man stands for and the million-dollar legacy. Know this it’s not all about the money or how you can humiliate people with money. Do you know what it’s about Cameron? Performance right here, in-ring performance. And I’m going to tell you, something kid, you’ve got it. But I’m going to tell you, something kid, since you got the money you’ve lost your focus.”

WWE NXT Results: LA Knight made a surprise interference

The segment saw a surprise when LA Knight’s music got played all of a sudden. Knight came out and broke up their back and forth promo by attacking Cameron Grimes. However, before the attack, he said that he saw a million-dollar opportunity and has been searching for this opportunity for a long time. Knight then went on to read off his accomplishments before the verbal dispute that eventually saw Knight attacking Grimes to flatten him.

Dibiase was on the other side enjoying the attack on Grimes. When Knight was done with his attack, the Million Dollar Man went to check on him and said, “kid, you’re just never going to get it are you?” Both Dibiase and Knight left the ring together, and it seemed like the two are on the same side.