WWE NXT Results: MSK retain the Tag Team Titles, huge interference in the No 1 contender’s match

WWE NXT Results

WWE NXT Results: Tonight’s WWE NXT heated the road to NXT Takeover. The night opened with the number one contender’s bout for the NXT Championship, which saw a huge return. Here are the results,

WWE NXT Results: No 1 Contender’s match: Pete Dunne vs. Kyle O’Reilly vs Johnny Gargano

The night kicked off with an extraordinary triple-threat match between Pete Dunne, Kyle O’Reilly, and Johnny Gargano. The three competitors were all over each other ever since the bell rang. Gargano was the first man to be sent to the floor, while Pete Dunne targeted Kyle O’Reilly’s left arm inside the ring.

Pete Dunne was the most impressive among the three, and he looked in control in the majority of the match. Dunne was up with his weird moves cracking limbs and arms of his opponents & executed all his bruiser-style moves perfectly. In the closing moments, Dunne hit Gargano with a Bitter End and went for a pinfall. But, the pin was broken up by O’Reilly’s courtesy of his calamitous flying knee.

As the match was nearing its end, Adam Cole ran in and stunned the NXT Universe. He dropped Dunne on the floor with a brainbuster and hit O’Reilly with a superkick. Gargano was the one to face the wrath of the former NXT Champion. 

WWE NXT Results: No result.


LA Knight vs. Jake Atlas

The second match of the night saw LA Knight locking horns with Jake Atlas. Knight looked under pressure in the opening moments of the match as Jake Atlas was all over him.

Atlas targeted Knight’s arm and then hit him with a long boot. Just when things looked easy for Atlas, Knight finally got going with a Stun Gun. As the match was going on, The ‘Million Dollar Man’ Ted Dibiase came to the ringside to watch the proceedings. Atlas then hit Knight with a sunset flip which almost saw Knight losing the match. Knight escaped two near falls, but Atlas looked complacent to give more pain to his opponent.

Another entrance in the match took place when Cameron Grimes made his way over to Dibiase to distract Knight. The trick worked, and Atlas planted a rolling death valley driver and a standing moonsault on Knight. Finally, a distraction from Grimes allowed Atlas to curve Knight on the ropes, and then he planted a Cartwheel DDT to finish the proceedings. 

WWE NXT Results: Atlas defeated Knight via Pinfall. 

Adam Cole calls out Karrion Kross

William Regal, with his security personnel, escorted Adam Cole out of the building after the former champion interfered in the opening match of the night. But Cole stormed back into the building to call out the current NXT Champion, Karrion Kross.

The former champion made his intentions loud and clear that he wants the NXT title back. He then went onto brag about Kross, saying that he is an overrated muscle head who didn’t deserve to be in the ring. Before Cole could finish, Scarlett Bordeaux and Karrion Kross entered the ring. Kross then started bragging about Cole calling him a little man. The two then had verbal altercations for a few minutes before the current champion made a challenge. Kross said at NXT Takeover PPV- he will take all of them and defend his title.- This means Pete Dunne vs. Kyle O’Reilly, Adam Cole vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Karrion Kross for the NXT Championship at NXT Takeover In Your House.

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NXT Cruiserweight Championship Open Challenge: Kushida vs. Carmelo Hayes

Debutant Carmelo Hayes answered Kushida’s open challenge for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship. It was an exciting match between the two high flyers. Carmelo started with confidence by taking the champion with a sunset flip and a series of arm drags. Carmelo was proving to be very fast for Kushida, but the champion put a break on by hitting a handspring back elbow to Carmelo’s face.

In the closing moments, the champ went for a failed Hoverboard Lock, and Carmelo then looked for a springboard clothesline that he had used previously in the match. But, Kushida hit him with a right hand before the clothesline. Finally, the champion got the Hoverboard locked to make Carmelo submit. 

WWE NXT Results: Kushida won via Submission.

Zoey Stark and Zayda Ramier vs. The Way

Candice LeRae and Zayda Ramier commenced the proceedings for their respective teams. LeRae started pretty well and soon dominated Zayda. She then tagged Indi, who wasn’t able to take control like her partner.

Indi first missed an elbow drop and then gave enough time to Zayda to get on to her corner to tag Stark. However, LeRae dragged Stark from the apron to cut the chance of tagging. After that, Zayda humbled Le Rae with a strike and finally tagged in Stark, who started dominating inside the ring.

In the closing moments, Le Rae sent Stark to the floor and hit Zayda with a Wicked Step Sister. She then tagged Indi, who wrapped up things with a Pretty Savage. 

WWE NXT Result: The Way defeated Zayda Ramier and Zoey Stark.

NXT Tag Team Championship: MSK vs. Legado Del Fantasma

The main event of the night lived up to its hype. Wilde started the proceedings with Lee in the middle of the ring. Escobar was watching the match from the ringside. Lee took early control by grounding Wilde in a headlock. Wilde responds by slamming Lee down on the mat by his head. 

Wilde was able to avoid some tag team offense by escaping Nash Carter’s flying Bronco buster. Wilde then drops the two champions and takes Carter to the corner to slam him into the turnbuckles. Mendoza gets a tag then, but before Carter goes out, the duo attack cohesively before Wilde covers for a 2 count. Momentum was shifting like a pendulum, and both teams were making sure that they are on top.

In the closing moments, NXT North American champion Bronson Reed who was attacked last week by Legado Del Fantasma, made his way and smashed Escobar into the barricade with a body splash. The outside trouble distracted Wilde, who was the legal man in the ring. MSK took advantage of the distraction and hit Wilde with a Blockbuster finish to retain their championships. 

WWE NXT Result: MSK won the match via pinfall.