WWE NXT Results: Samoa Joe seeks answers from Karrion Kross. Here are the top 3 moments from the night!

WWE NXT: Samoa Joe seeks answers from Karrion Kross. Here are the top 3 moments from the night!
WWE NXT: Samoa Joe seeks answers from Karrion Kross. Here are the top 3 moments from the night!

WWE NXT Results: Tonight’s WWE NXT opened up with a video package from last week showing how the NXT Champion Karrion put William Regal’s special enforcer Samoa Joe to sleep. The night kicked off with a furious Samoa Joe walking down the aisle dressed to wrestle. Just as Joe enters the ring, he says, “Tick Tock, guess who’s come to smash your clock?”

The segment gets heated up when General Manager William Regal enters the picture and tries to calm down Joe by saying that this is not what he wanted from him. Joe reminded Regal of their contract and said that he can get physical if provoked. The show had some enduring moments and matches, let’s dive into the three best moments of the night.

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WWE NXT Results: Kushida & Bobby Fish defeated The Diamond Mine

Bobby Fish & Cruiserweight Champion Kushida paired up for the first time to take on Roderick Strong & Tyler Rust of The Diamond Mine. Fish and Kushida have been on the receiving end for the past few weeks. But they did get the victory at the end of the bout. 

The match had everything to keep the audience awestruck. Spinebusters, chops, fierce strikes, belly-to-belly suplex, and Hoverboard lock were on display, but eventually, it was Kushida who put an end to a grueling encounter by pinning Rust.

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WWE NXT Results: Raquel Gonzalez retained her NXT Women’s Title by defeating Xia Li

Xia Li walked into the face of Raquel Gonzalez last week to challenge her for the NXT Women’s Championship. The Champ accepted the challenge, and the two ladies had a proper showdown tonight in the Capitol Wrestling Center.

Gonzalez’s heavy built proved too good for Xia Li right from the start as the champion dominated the challenger with ease. Gonzalez took down Xia Li to the corner and planted a big boot afterward to send her to the floor. She then lifts Li and torpedoes her into the ring post. Xia Li showed some resilience during the bout, but Gonzalez’s tormenting figure was too much to handle.

In the closing moments, Li gets injured, and the medical team came out to check on her. She gets released by the medical staff, but only to get a chokeslam from the champion for a pinfall victory. 

WWE NXT Results: Karrion Kross attacks William Regal and escapes the wrath of a fuming Samoa Joe

After the NXT Women’s Championship match, Samoa Joe comes marching down the aisle into the ring and calls out Karrion Kross. He talks about how there will be a reckoning tonight, and he will be stomping Kross all around the building. 

Kross finally appears on the big screen and declares himself as the new beginning. He adds that he can do anything he wants and go wherever he wants. After this, we see William Regal is down at Karrion’s feet. Seeing Regal in that condition, Samoa Joe was left shell shocked and rushed to the back.

Regal was down on the pavement, and till the time Joe reached there, Kross gets into his car and speeds off, leaving Joe pissed.