WWE NXT Takeover 36 Results: Kyle O’Reilly stood tall in the Undisputed Battle against Adam Cole to roll down curtains on this rivalry

WWE NXT Takeover 36: Kyle O'Reilly stood tall in the Undisputed Battle against Adam Cole to role down curtains on this rivalry
WWE NXT Takeover 36: Kyle O'Reilly stood tall in the Undisputed Battle against Adam Cole to role down curtains on this rivalry

WWE NXT Takeover 36 Results – Kyle O’Reilly defeats Adam Cole: Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly rocked the Capitol Wrestling Center during their Undisputed Finale match at NXT Takeover 36. Here’s how things transpired in the brutal match between two familiar foes.

WWE NXT Takeover 36 Results: – First fall: The Normal Pinfall

As the bell rang, both men went after each other and there was a kind of fierceness in their offense. The action soon shifted outside the ring where Kyle O’Reilly slammed Cole face-first on the steel stairs and kicked on his chest back & forth.

The two men were in the ring then, and O’Reilly applied an ankle lock which Cole survived. After some change in offense, O’Reilly floored Cole with a vicious clothesline. He then went onto the top turnbuckle but missed a back-first jump. Cole then moved on the top rope for a sunset flip, but O’Reilly countered it with a roll-up pin and secured the first pin of the match.

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WWE NXT Takeover 36 Results: – Second Fall: Streetfight

The roll-up pin left Adam Cole shell-shocked as it was all so quick. The second fall started with Cole moving outside and taking the steel chair in his possession. O’Reilly followed him and hit a sunset flip outside the ring.

O’Reilly then grabbed a steel garbage bin placed Cole on the chair & covered him with it. O’Reilly then ran into Cole by stomp dropping on the bin placed on his face. The kick just rocked Cole, but he soon gained momentum once the two men were inside the ring.

Cole dominated the proceedings inside the ring with his offense and grabbed him in a Johnny Gargano submission lock with the cane on his mouth. The streetfight took an ugly turn when both men rolled a steel chain on their right fist. The two exchanged blows with the chained fist, and Cole comprehended with a superkick.

The two men then went onto the ramp. O’Reilly bashed Cole into the security barricade that completely rocked cole. After a bit of offense outside, both moved into the ring where Cole slammed O’Reilly back-first from the top turnbuckle onto the two vertically standing steel chairs and finished him off with a final shot to earn the second pin.

WWE NXT Takeover 36 Results: Third fall- Steel Cage match

The third & final fall was a steel cage match. Even before the Cage could have come down and the referee would have started the match, Cole took O’Reilly outside the ring and powerbombed him on the announce table. He then rolled a hapless O’Reilly inside the ring so that the bout could have started.

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Once the bell rang, Cole was all over O’Reilly, bashing him on the cage walls on either side of the steel cage. O’Reilly, however, was resilient despite all the attacks and got chances of his own to strike at crucial junctures. In the closing moments of the match, O’Reilly was handcuffed on the ring by Cole. The latter hit him with two back-to-back Superkicks and attempted the third one before O’Reilly caught his leg.

O’Reilly then applied the Heel Hook despite being handcuffed and managed to make Cole tap-out to win this eternal undisputed battle between the two men. Kyle O’Reilly vs. Adam Cole’s penultimate rivalry ends with 2:1 in the favor of O’Reilly.