WWE NXT Takeover Results: LA Knight is the New “Million Dollar” Man. Defeats Cameron Grimes to win the title

WWE NXT Takeover Results

WWE NXT Takeover Results: The prestigious Million Dollar Title is now in the possession of LA Knight who defeated Cameron Grimes in a brutal battle at NXT Takeover tonight. With this win, LA Knight has become the 5th ever individual to hold the title after Ted Dibiase, Virgil, Stone Cold (The Ringmaster), and Ted Dibiase Jr.

LA Knight defeated Grimes in a fierce battle!

WWE NXT Takeover Results: It all started with Ted Dibiase bringing the Million Dollar Title in a see-through transparent case into the ring to hang it right above. The match started with some basic wrestling moves like shoulder block and tie-up until Grimes broke the shackles with a dropkick to grab the ladder. 

WWE NXT Takeover Results: Once the ladder was in, the two competitors ensured that no one was getting near to it as they both traded tosses with the ladder. Knight was the first to toss out Grimes to the floor to set up the ladder inside the ring. The two then exchange blows outside before Grimes placed a big boot on his face. Knight then returned the favor by tossing Grimes’ head into the barricade. The momentum kept on shifting as both the competitors were not in a mood to give up.

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In the closing moments, both the competitors battled at the top of the ladder before Grimes dived off a steel beam. Knight then stopped Grimes from climbing the ladder, and both competitors were down on the floor. After a few moments, Grimes was at the top of the ladder, but Knight tilted the ladder, and Grimes went crashing onto the ladder placed on the rampway. That was the only opening LA Knight needed, and eventually, he climbed the ladder to grab possession of the case having Million Dollar Championship title.