WWE Payback 2020: Reason revealed why Brock Lesnar is currently not returning to WWE

WWE Payback: It has been almost five months since ‘the beast incarnate’ Brock Lesnar last performed in WWE. Brock Lesnar, who loss his WWE Championship to Drew McIntyre at the ‘grandest stage of them all’ at Wrestlemania 36.

However, after that, there were rumors that Brock Lesnar would return at SummerSlam to challenge Drew McIntyre for his Championship rematch but that did not happen since Lesnar did not show up.

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In a recent Interview of Sportskeeda’s with ‘Hall of Famer’ Animal, where he discussed on variety of topics, including Lesnar, and current WWE superstar who has recently impressed him with his performance.

Why Brock Lesnar is not showing up on WWE TV? 

During a discussion when Sportskeeda’s spoke person asked this question to Animal what he thinks, why Lesnar is not currently part of WWE.

“Brock doesn’t want to go back there because of the COVID thing… coming down from Canada, he can’t. He lives in Canada, so there’s no travelling allowed. I know people see that and they go ‘Brock Lesnar should be here’. No, he’s living in Canada. He has dual citizenship. You can’t cross the border right now. So that’s why he’s not on TV.”

Animal also added that recently lot of WWE superstars has impressed him with their current performance however, among them he chose Keith Lee, who has recently made his debut on RAW. While building up this he also said it would be a chaos if we see Brock Lesnar vs Keith Lee feud and further quoted it as “money” to bring the viewership.

Earlier this year, we saw these two belligerents Brock Lesnar and Keith Lee in a Royal Rumble segment which was the exciting one, however in future WWE Universe wants to see them collide again.