WWE RAW: 5 Brock Lesnar moments which were not part of original storyline

Brock Lesnar has been wreaking havoc in WWE since 2002. And ever since his return, he has been more deadly than ever. The Beast Incarnate has romped every competitor that has come his way including the Undertaker whose streak was ended at Wrestlemania 30.

Interestingly, the ending of the streak was not part of the original script. But Vince McMahon’s last-minute change made the unimaginable happened. This is not the first time something occurred which was not part of the original script. Here are top five Brock Lesnar moments which were unscripted.

5. Lesnar’s fuming reaction after Wrestlemania 29

After losing to Triple H at Wrestlemania 29 Lesnar got fumed. So before May 2013 Raw episode, Lesnar decided to pay ‘The Game’ a visit at the WWE headquarters. He marched through the lobby and up to the fourth floor. Lesnar proceeded to crash the laptop of Triple H and split his keyboard like a toy and crushed his heavyweight championship with a sledgehammer. And this was not the end. The Beast hurled the big TV across the logo of WWE, destroying it.

4.  King of the Ring match against Stone Cold in June, 2002

Brock Lesnar vs Stone Cold was a dream match for WWE Universe during the ruthless aggression era. They were scheduled to face off each other in King of the Ring qualifying match but the Rattle Snake walked out of the WWE, leaving everyone perplexed. Then later in 2004, the two again shared the ring but not as competitors. While Brock Lesnar was facing Goldberg at Wrestlemania XX, Stone Cold was the special guest referee. However, during the match, Stone Cold hit Lesnar with the stunner which was not originally part of the script. The Beast lost the match against The Myth, courtesy of Stone Cold’s stunner.

3. Brock Lesnar bursts into laughter during SummerSlam match against Undertaker 

By the time SummerSlam 2015 arrived, the rivalry between the Undertaker and Brock Lesnar had reached a boiling point. The beast defeated the Phenom at Wrestlemania 30 a year ago and broke his legendary streak in the process. During the SummerSlam 2015, while both superstar were battling Lesnar looked at the Deadman at a point and began randomly laughing. The Undertaker responded with laughing back at Lesnar, in a hilarious moment.

The DeadMan later explained what actually happened there. “We both took bumps, and then I did the signature set-up. He was up, and I sat up. He started laughing so mine was kind of evil, sarcastic laugh back at him. I was shocked at the people’s [reaction]. They were so enthralled by the way that we were laughing at each other”. The  unscripted moment turned into one of the most popular wrestling memes of all time. As for the match, The Undertaker defeated Lesnar in a controversial finish to end the show.

2. Brock Lesnar makes fun of legendary Superstar Hulk Hogan

John Cena and Brock Lesnar resumed their 2012 rivalry on the road to SummerSlam 2014. Cena was the WWE World Heavyweight Champion at the time and The Beast was determined to go to great lengths to win the belt. Mere days before the event, WWE celebrated Hulk Hogan’s birthday on RAW, which saw a string of legends and Hall of Famers appearing alongside Hogan. Lesnar came out with Paul Heyman and crashed the party. He confronted Hogan, and uttered the words, “Party’s over, Grandpa!” It was later revealed that Lesnar’s words were completely unscripted and it was The Beast himself who came up with the line.

Hogan was clearly upset at what had happened and later expressed his anger over the promo.  But Brock Lesnar did not respond to Hulk Hogan’s comments. And he went to a squash Cena by giving him a tour of the ‘Suplex City’ at SummerSlam to win the WWE World title.

1.  Brock Lesnar laughs out loud and dig’s R-Truth

Just before the 2020 Royal Rumble PPV, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman were cutting a promo on RAW, explaining how the Beast was going to win the match.

But the duo was interrupted by R-Truth. He declared that he would win the free-for-all, and then stated that even though Heyman is a “big, big, BIG man”, he’ll be sent flying over the top rope. This promo made Lesnar completely lose it and he burst out laughing over Truth’s hilarious lines.

In reality, Lesnar was not supposed to laugh as per the script but he couldn’t help himself at the moment. Later, Truth revealed that Lesnar was pitching more ideas to WWE to work with him.