WWE Raw: Amid “CM Punk” chants the Chicago crowd witnessed the ruthless side of Drew McIntyre. Here are the Top 3 moments from the night!

WWE Raw: Amid
WWE Raw: Amid "CM Punk" chants the Chicago crowd witnessed the ruthless side of Drew McIntyre. Here are the Top 3 moments from the night!

WWE Raw: Tonight’s WWE Raw had mixed reactions from the fans present at the Allstate arena in Chicago, Illinois. Amid the consistent chants of CM Punk and Bray Wyatt, WWE offered a decent show to the fans in attendance. Let us have a look at the best three moments from the night.

WWE Raw: Bobby Lashley accepts Goldberg’s challenge

The All-Mighty WWE Champion Bobby Lashley finally accepted Goldberg’s Summerslam Challenge after the Hall of Famer hit MVP with a vicious spear. It all started when both MVP and Bobby Lashley tried to trash-talk with Goldberg’s son, who was present among the WWE Universe.- This made Goldberg furious, and despite going backstage after finishing his segment, the Hall of Famer came out to hit a vicious spear MVP on the ramp.

Later that night, Bobby Lashley got interviewed backstage where he said, “I hope Goldberg brings his son to Summerslam so his son can watch me annihilate him!”

That was a cold statement from Bobby Lashley, and it seems like the All-Mighty WWE Champion is more than ready to take on Goldberg at WWE Summerslam pay-per-view. 

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WWE Raw: Drew McIntyre ‘almost’ killed Jinder Mahal & Co.

Drew McIntyre was involved in a two-on-one handicapped match against Shanky & Veer on tonight’s WWE Raw. Jinder Mahal intervened in the match and hit Drew with a chair shot on his back before hitting it in his abdomen. 

The match was called off after Mahal’s interference, and it seemed like Jinder Mahal & Co. will unleash a three-on-one attack on Drew McIntyre with the steel chair. However, things got ugly for Jinder Mahal & Co. when Drew McIntyre brought his enormous sword to counter the chair attacks. 

He first swung the sword to take out the Chair in Mahal’s hand and did the same to Veer. Both Mahal & Veer escaped the ring yet again, leaving Shanky in trouble. This time though, Shanky didn’t put up a fight against Drew, as he wisely escaped the ring and escaped the wrath of Drew McIntyre. 

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WWE Raw: Nikki A.S.H stunned Charlotte Flair

The show was headlined by Nikki A.S.H and Charlotte Flair’s no-holds-barred match. After a pale performance by the Raw Women’s Champion last week, not many expected Nikki to get the better of Charlotte Flair in this bout.

Proving her critics wrong, Nikki A.S.H reigned supreme over Charlotte Flair to set the tone for WWE Summerslam, where she would be defending her Raw Women’s Championship in a triple-threat match against Charlotte and Rhea Ripley.