WWE Raw Asuka will go one-on-one against Sasha Banks NEXT WEEK to determine the true Women’s Champion

WWE RAW : WWE has made it official that next week on WWE Raw, we will have WWE Women’s championship rematch between Asuka and Sasha banks. And this announcement has been made by WWE’s Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon in this latest episode of WWE Raw.


After the controversial end of Asuka And Sasha banks Women’s Championship match at recent Extreme Rules there were lot of unanswered questions which had to be answered after that.

When Sasha Banks’ friend Bayley tried to help Banks to become doubles Champion by becoming referee and counted 1,2,3 so that Sasha Banks will rule along with her on Women’s roster. But that controversial victory did not last very long and as a result of it we have rematch for true championship match next week on RAW.



In this match title can change on pinfall, count out, submission, disqualification or if any interferes. Asuka would be pleased to hear that since she gets her rematch again and ‘the golden role model’ will rethink again to beat Asuka and this time circumstances would be different.


So it would interesting to see whether Asuka gets back what belongs to her or Sasha Banks has some other plan along with Bayley for this match.