WWE Raw: Check out the three standout moments of Monday Night Raw

WWE Raw: Check out the three standout moments of Monday Night Raw
WWE Raw: Check out the three standout moments of Monday Night Raw

WWE Raw Monday Night Raw Results: WWE Summerslam’s go-home edition of Monday Night Raw was on the money right from the word “go.” Randy Orton kicked off the night meanwhile Goldberg’s spear to Bobby Lashley wrapped up things. In this post, we will be mentioning the three standout moments from the night. So, with any further ado, let’s start.

WWE Raw Monday Night Raw Results: John Morrison seemed disappointed with The Miz

John Morrison introduced his own talk show named “Moist TV” on tonight’s WWE Raw. He invited his close friend The Miz as the guest, but it seemed like he was upset as the latter didn’t reveal that he was fit last week when he just escaped from the harm’s way of a beating from Damian Priest.

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The segment started with John Morrison asking The Miz if he was pretending the injury. Just as the two were talking, Damian Priest came out and asked the same question from The Miz. The A-Lister was taken aback seeing Damian Priest, and to make it worse, Morrison announced Miz vs. Priest on his show. As the match started, Damian was all over The Miz, and the latter desperately asked for a Drip Stick from his friend Morrison. Adding more to his despair, Morrison didn’t give him the Drip Stick and walked off backstage. The match ended up with Damian Preist securing an easy victory.

WWE Raw Monday Night Raw Results: RK-Bro reunited

One of the most decorated moments of the night was the reunion of RK-Bro. Randy Orton and Riddle have reunited, and they will be challenging AJ Styles & Omos for the Raw Tag-Team Championship at WWE Summerslam. 

The reunion happened tonight when Randy Orton was being tormented by the Raw Tag Team Champions and Riddle came to his aid to even the odds. Randy acknowledged and respected Riddle’s help and reunited with the “Original Bro” to reform RK-Bro.

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WWE Raw Monday Night Raw Results: Nikki A.S.H got pinned by Rhea Ripley

Just when it seemed like after pinning Charlotte Flair two weeks back on WWE Raw in a brutal no-holds-barred match, Nikki A.S.H was flying high, she was brought right down to the ground by Rhea Ripley.

The former Raw Women’s Champion hit her finisher the Rip Tide to gain the much-needed momentum heading into the triple threat match at WWE Summerslam. Has this loss exposed the vulnerability of Nikki A.S.H as Raw Women’s Champion? She needs to pull up her socks to defend the Raw Women’s Championship at Summerslam.