WWE Raw Highlights and Results: 3 things which we have learnt from this week’s Monday Night RAW

WWE Raw Highlights and Results: In this week’s Monday Night RAW, we illustrated with some the major segments which will lead us to next episode of RAW. However, we had confirmation of two major championship matches that will be on the line once again in the following Raw segment. Drew McIntyre will defend his Championship once again with Dolph Ziggler but this time McIntyre will decide the Stipulation.

Women’s Championship will take place next week on RAW after the controversial end of Women’s Championship match at Extreme Rules.


Randy Orton stunned Big Show in this week’s Monday Night RAW main event and gets himself inch close towards to be the next contention for the WWE Championship match.


There were many other things spectacular matches which happened in these three hours of red brand.


But importantly let’s check what are the 3 things which we have learnt from this week’s Monday Night RAW.


3). WWE Raw Highlights and Results: Update on Christian’s


Christian spoke to the Samoa Joe about his injury which caused by Randy Orton last month due to which he was taken out. He said that he was still pain and recovering but he was about Big Show to end Orton’s dirty traps. And when further about the condition he said still the things are not in good shape but ya he is doing everything to recover from that. But Christian did not reveal about his further plan with WWE.



2). WWE Raw Highlights and Results: Mustafa Ali returned on Raw


The return of Mustafa Ali made the situation somehow better in Raw when he joined the hand with the team of Ricochet and Cedric Alexander in a six men tag team action. Ali had been missing from WWE for a long time and speculations had taken over the internet regarding his status and gimmick. A six-man tag team match followed and the babyfaces seemed much more focused against the physically superior team. Ali ran over MVP late in the match and connected with a picture-perfect 450 Splash to pick up the victory for his team.


1). WWE Raw Highlights and Results: Shayna Baszler wants a big match


During the match between Bayley and Kairi Sane in this week’s RAW in a non-title match, Shayna Baszler also watched this match at backstage. A violent return of Shayna Baszler last week on RAW and asking for the likes of Asuka and Kairi Sane to give them a hell of a pain and take her revenge. She watched out this battle so she might take anyone of these stars as her first return victim. And there are chances it would be Sairi Kane who will be her next target. But nothing is confirmed yet things will be interesting on the next episode of RAW.