WWE Raw: “I’m UNBREAKABLE”- Natalya has her say on the possible injury she sustained on Monday Night Raw. Check here!

WWE Raw:
WWE Raw: "I'm UNBREAKABLE"- Natalya has her say on the possible injury she sustained on Monday Night Raw. Check here!

WWE Raw: One-half of the women’s Tag-Team Champions Natalya suffered an injury scare this past week on WWE Raw. Natalya, along with her tag-team partner Tamina was in action against the unlikely duo of Eva Marie and Doudrop. During the match, Natalya seemingly suffered an injury in her right leg. 

However, days after the scenario took place on WWE Raw, Natalya seems to be nonchalant as she has stated that she is unbreakable and injuries are just a part of the game. 

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WWE Raw: Natalya breaks silence on her injury

The former 2-time Smackdown Women’s Champion has broke silence on her injury and stated that injuries like these don’t bother her much. She took to Twitter and posted an image from her match against Eva Marie & Doudrop with a caption reading,

“Thank you to everyone for the kind words about what happened on #WWERaw. There are the beatings you can plan for and the ones you can’t. That’s the job. But I’m willing to give whatever bones, muscles & and tendons I have to continue doing what I love. Good thing I’m UNBREAKABLE.”

Natalya’s injury forced the referee to conclude the bout much before, and she wasn’t seen in action once tagging Tamina. After the match got over, Natalya was taken backstage with Tamina and local medical facility personnel helping her to head back.

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WWE Raw: The type of injury is yet to be confirmed

Neither Natalya nor WWE has confirmed the type of injury the tag-team champion is carrying. In the coming days, it would be interesting to see if WWE issues a statement on the complexity of Natalya’s injury and whether or not she would continue as an in-ring competitor in the future.