WWE RAW Predictions and Confirmed Match card, Results, Live Updates, confirmed matches, Spoilers, Highlights & Commentary online from tonight’s Monday Night RAW – 24th November 2020

WWE Raw: Alright! First take a deep breath after what we witnessed at WWE Survivor Series 2020. An emotional ending of 30 years of Wrestling career of one of the  greatest superstars of all time. Along with that Roman Reigns once defeated Drew McIntyre in a colossal battle at Survivor Series 2020.

However, let us now focus on once again on a new day with a with brand new episode of WWE RAW and what does red brand holds for tonight’s show.

Here are some of our WWE RAW predictions and possible preview for this week’s episode. We take a stab at the matches and moments that will happen during the show this week.

The Fiend Will Attack Drew McIntyre & Randy Orton

For the past few weeks, WWE has been teasing a big triple threat match. That would be Randy Orton vs Drew McIntyre vs The Fiend. Our guess is that after Survivor Series, WWE will really start building towards that match. We could see it happening at the upcoming TLC PPV event.

To set the match into motion, we could see The Fiend attacking both Drew and Randy. This could happen at the same time or separately.

WWE has built up this storyline for too long and they better give us the triple threat match eventually.

Riddle Will Defeat Mustafa Ali

On the latest episode of RAW, Retribution defeated Team RAW. This came after Mustafa Ali used a roll-up on Riddle.

We have a feeling that we are now going to see Mustafa vs Riddle on this next episode. This would make sense after the roll-up finish that we saw on the latest episode.

If it happens, we could see Riddle picking up the victory. WWE seems to be high on him and this would be a nice win for him.

Reckoning Will Defeat Dana Brooke

On the latest episode of RAW, Dana Brooke was attacked by Reckoning (aka Mia Yim). This forced Dana to get pulled from her match at Survivor Series.

We have a feeling that we are going to see Dana vs Reckoning on this next episode of RAW. This would make sense after the backstage attack.

If it happens, we will go with Reckoning winning. This will be because Dana is not at 100% from the backstage attack.

The Feud Between The New Day & The Hurt Business Will Continue

The New Day defeated The Hurt Business on the latest episode of RAW. This came after a really fun match.

We have a feeling that this feud is not over yet. We think that we are going to see The Hurt Business attack The New Day at some point during the show. This will make it clear that they are not finished with The New Day.

This will also hint at a rematch between these two teams at the TLC PPV. I would be down for it.

Bobby Lashley Will Start Feuding With Sheamus

Sheamus appears to have recently turned babyface. This comes after his various backstage segments with Drew McIntyre over the past several weeks.

We guess that Sheamus will end up as the next challenger for Bobby Lashley and his United States Championship.

We could see Lashley vs Sheamus happening a the TLC PPV.

Bray Wyatt Will Defeat John Morrison

Bray Wyatt defeated The Miz on the latest episode of RAW. We are going to predict that we will get a match between Bray and John Morrison on this next episode.

This would make sense as Morrison was at ringside for Bray vs The Miz. WWE could easily set this one up during the show at some point.

If it happens, Bray will definitely win.

Asuka Will Start Feuding With Peyton Royce

Asuka needs a new feud for the RAW Women’s Championship. The big question is, who will it be against?

We guess that Asuka will start feuding with Peyton Royce. Their match on RAW ended in a disqualification a few months ago and we would like to see them face off again. We could see this feud starting on this next episode, which would lead to Asuka vs Peyton at TLC.

What are your WWE RAW predictions? What matches do you see happening? Let us know in the comment section below or on Twitter.