WWE Raw Preview: Dominik Mysterio to call out Seth Rollins this week on RAW

WWE Raw Preview: Rey Mysterio’s son Dominik Mysterio will be in the ring this week on RAW to confront Seth Rollins for his noxious action against his father at Extreme Rules. He is also supposed to provide the update on Rey Mysterio’s injury which Mysterio got during “An eye for an eye” match against Seth Rollins.



However, WWE has officially posted this tweet on Twitter and Social Media Platform for the one on one meeting of Dominik and Seth Rollins. The company hyped up the segment with the following preview:



“After a grotesque victory over Rey Mysterio, Seth Rollins declared that no one was left to “stand in the way of the greater good.” But there’s one more man willing to defy The Monday Night Messiah. Rey Mysterio’s son, Dominik, is coming to Raw to confront Rollins this Monday night. The Black Hand of Raw defeated Rey Mysterio at The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules, extracting his eye in the disturbing, first-ever Eye for an Eye Match. The next night, Rollins said Raw was now “free to fulfill its potential,” and he drew the ire of Aleister Black after blaming the WWE Universe and Rey Mysterio himself for Rollins’ actions. But Black, too, suffered the wrath of Rollins and Murphy, who targeted his arm in a vicious attack after their one-on-one match. With The Monday Night Messiah having taken out his father, Dominik is sure to be less than cordial. But can he avoid a similar fate?”


Could WWE be building up towards Dominik’s in-ring debut at SummerSlam? Will Rey Mysterio make a miraculous return on this week’s RAW? In what could be the biggest swerve of them all, could Dominik pull off a turn and become a disciple of the Monday Night Messiah? The upcoming segment should give us all the answers, or at least, a few much-needed hints.