WWE Raw Preview: Randy Orton vs Big Show in an unsanctioned match; Check details

WWE Raw Preview: WWE Monday Night Raw will officially commence their journey towards SummerSlam 2020 after The Horror Show at Extreme Rules has now passed. With the upcoming PPV being the main focus, we expect Monday Nights to become more exciting as they start building up storylines for the biggest party of the summer, starting from tonight.


While there will be fallouts from what transpired on the most extreme night of the year, the main event of tonight’s WWE Raw will see two legendary superstars collide in a match which is no less than a PPV-caliber showdown. In this week’s RAW headliner, Big Show battles Randy Orton in a special capacity when WWE Raw airs from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.


The Apex Predator of the WWE has been on a leash in Monday Night RAW of late and a giant will now try to pull a stop to his sadistic activities. Following the win over Hall of Famer Edge at Backlash in a match billed as the “Greatest Wrestling Match Ever”, Randy Orton took out Christian with a ‘low-blow’ assistance from Ric Flair.


Big Show came out to stand up against Orton on behalf of the two best friends who have been taken out by The Viper. So, that has eventually led to an Unsanctioned Match on RAW. Check out the official announcement by the promotion.


“Randy Orton has once again embraced being The Legend Killer in recent weeks, but he has run into an angry giant hellbent on retribution. This Monday on Raw, Big Show will set out to stop The Viper in his tracks when they clash in an Unsanctioned Match. Who will stand tall in a match where anything goes? Find out on Raw, this Monday at 8/7 C on USA Network!”

We assume Randy Orton is destined for another victory, which strengthens his Legend Killer gimmick and clears him for the road to SummerSlam 2020 main event.