WWE Raw Preview: What’s up in the store for Alexa Bliss this week


WWE Raw Preview: What’s up in the store for Alexa Bliss this week: It seems like Alexa Bliss is only being used to threaten fellow competitors with her sadistic aura and not by her in-ring abilities. WWE last used Alexa Bliss as an in-ring performer against Randy Orton at WWE Fastlane on March 21 this year, where she defeated the Apex Predator with some assistance from ‘The Fiend.’

This past week on Raw, Alexa came up with a new show named Alexa’s Playground, which saw the current Women’s Tag Team Champions Natalya and Tamina as guests. She had a brief and weird interaction with the champions and later in the night assisted them to retain their titles against Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. 

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With this act, it seems like Bliss has some sort of liking towards the Women’s Tag Team Champions, and we could see Bliss helping the champions this week as well. 

David Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio has recently stated that Bliss could once again assist Natie and Tamina to retain their title this week by laying out her magical powers. He stated,

“It’s way too early for them to lose [the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles], way too early. So, I would just presume that Alexa Bliss is involved in costing her the match. Maybe she can take out her knee or shoulder or something with voodoo.”

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Natalya and Tamina will be defending their titles this week

In a rematch from the last week, Natalya & Tamina will be defending their titles against Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler yet again. Last week we witnessed Alexa Bliss using her magical powers to assist the champions to retain their titles by creating a magical on one of the four posts that disturbed Reginald, who was standing near that post.

Different scenarios could take place this week on WWE Raw involving Alexa Bliss. It would be interesting to see what suits her the best.

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