WWE Raw Results and Highlights: RK-Bro Finally reunited. Goldberg speared Bobby Lashley to close off the night

WWE Raw Results and live Updates: RK-Bro Finally reunited. Goldberg speared Bobby Lashley to end the night
WWE Raw Results and live Updates: RK-Bro Finally reunited. Goldberg speared Bobby Lashley to end the night

WWE Raw Monday Night Raw Results and Highlights: Check out the big highlights and what happened on WWE Monday Night RAW Episode on Aug 17th: Here we have come up with WWE Raw Results. The show is Live from the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas. Two matches and a segment were announced for Monday Night Raw go-home edition to WWE Summerslam. Catch all the WWE Raw Live Updates.

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WWE Raw Events from the night

  • Randy Orton kicks off the show
  • Riddle vs. AJ Styles
  • Rhea Ripley vs. Nikki A.S.H
  • 2-on-1 Handicap Match: Drew McIntyre vs. Veer & Shanky
  • John Morrison’s Moist TV Premiere, Special Guest- The Miz
  • Damian Priest vs. The Miz
  • Mansoor vs. Mace
  • Randy Orton vs. Omos
  • Jeff Hardy vs. Karrion Kross
  • Nikki A.S.H vs. Charlotte Flair & Nia Jax
  • Goldberg and Bobby Lashley face-to-face segment

WWE Raw Results and Live Updates: WWE Raw, follow live updates

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Tonight’s Results and Live Updates:

Goldberg and Bobby Lashley face-to-face segment- It’s here! The segment we’ve been waiting for the whole night is here. WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg face-to-face with the All-Mighty WWE Champion Bobby Lashley.

Goldberg started off by saying that last week Lashley & MVP talked about fatherhood and dragged my son into all this. He then introduced his son to the Texas crowd who was sitting among the audience. Goldberg said that he returned to wrestling only for his son. As Goldberg was talking, Bobby Lashley and MVP came out.

MVP started off talking while walking on the ramp. The two men then finally made it to the ring. Lashley was talking now and he said that he gave all the time and opportunity to back down, but you didn’t do that. He then trashed talk about Goldberg and his Summer Slam moment which pissed off the Hall of Famer and he abused Lashley.

The All-Mighty Champion then turned around and tried hitting Goldberg with a clothesline, instead the Hall of Famer hit him with a spear. The segment ended with Goldberg walking off backstage with his son.



Nikki A.S.H vs. Charlotte Flair & Nia Jax- Nikki and Nia started the proceedings. Nikki was bashed by Nia and the Raw Women’s Champion strikes on Nia were looking worthless. Nia then put Nikki on the corner and smashed her with her hip, almost humiliating the almost Superhero. Nia then tagged in Charlotte and the Queen hit Nikki with a big boot outside the ring.

After the commercial, Charlotte and Nikki were in the ring, and Nikki desperately bashed Charlotte face first on the mat and tagged in Rhea. The Nightmare Rhea Ripley completely changed the landscape of the match, as she took hold of Charlotte for good.

Nia then got a tag and put Rhea with a Samoan Drop. She went to the top rope and was about to splash on Rhea, but Charlotte took the tag, hit a big boot on Nikki, and then finished off with a Natural Selection on Rhea Ripley.

WWE Raw Results: Charlotte Flair pinned Rhea Ripley to pick up a win for her team



Reggie’s day out with 24/7 Championship at the park.


Jeff Hardy vs. Karrion Kross- Jeff Hardy was preparing backstage to go out to the ring for his match against Karrion Kross, the NXT Champion attacked him in ambush. However, when the bell rang, Jeff Hardy went right after the NXT Champion. He was attacking him in ambush with some ferocious strikes. However, it didn’t took much time for Kross as he put his submission hold Kross Jacket to secure a win.

WWE Raw Results: Karrion Kross defeated Jeff Hardy via submission



Backstage- Eva Marie slapped Doudrop twice for not bringing Lilly with her.



Randy Orton vs. Omos- The battle we’ve been waiting for the entire night is on display. Randy tried to go for the RKO early on, but Omos denied him from doing so. Randy then tried to hit him with a big right hand, but Omos caught his fist.

Omos then slammed Randy back first and grabbed his skull with his giant hands. Randy was desperately seeking an opening but Omos was almost toying with the Viper. Randy somehow got an opening and went for an RKO again, but Omos pushed him outside the ring where AJ kicked him in the abdomen. The referee saw Styles hitting Randu and disqualified the bout.

WWE Raw Results: Randy Orton defeated Omos via DQ

The assault didn’t stop even after the match got over. Omos sent Randy over the barricade with just one hand and send him inside the ring as prey for AJ Styles.

Styles was loading himself for a Phenomenal Forearm, but Riddle came down running and helped Randy even the odds. The two men then settled their difference as Randy acknowledged Riddle’s support throughout and reunited with him as RK-Bro.



Backstage- Omos and AJ Styles get interviewed backstage. Omos says that he is going to defeat the Legend Killer will become the new legitimate Legend Killer. AJ Styles added that he defeated the “Moron” Riddle so he should be addressed as the Moron Killer. Also, he said when Omos defeats Randy tonight they will celebrate the death of RK-Bro.



Mansoor vs. Mace- Mace started off by overpowering Mansoor right from the outset. Mansoor got some opening when he got out of an elbow drop from Mace. Mansoor then got going and hit some high-flying offense to unsettle Mace.

In the closing moments, Mace went for a roll-up pin near the corner, however, he was kicked by Mustafa Ali from the outside that helped Mansoor secure a roll-up pin of his own and earn a victory.

WWE Raw Results: Mansoor pinned Mace



Alexa’s Playground- Doudrop came to take Lilly with her. However, she couldn’t as something weird happened and she handed Lilly to Alexa and left.



Backstage- Morrison and Miz settled their differences backstage and it seems like they aren’t breaking up for now.



Backstage- Eva Marie instructed Duodrop to bring Alexa Bliss’ doll Lilly from Alexa’s Playground. Duodrop was visibly upset as she didn’t want to go there, but Eva Marie forcefully sent her.



The Miz vs. Damian Priest- Even before the bell rang, Sheamus walked out to watch the proceedings from the commentary table. The Miz started off by faking his leg injury every now and then.

The Miz was throttled by Damina Priest’s offense and got stunned when he asked Morrison for the Drip Stick, but Morrison didn’t give him and walked off backstage. Miz was left shell-shocked and went into a vicious clothesline from Damian Priest. To conclude the match, Damian Priest mocked Sheamus by hitting his finisher the “Brogue Kick” to pick up a pinfall victory.

WWE Raw Result: Damian Priest defeated The Miz via Pinfall



John Morrison’s Moist TV Premiere, Special Guest: The Miz- John Morrison calls out The Miz to know how he regained strength in his legs last week when he just ran backstage out of harm’s way from Damian Priest’s attack.

Morrison wasn’t looking in a great mood and asked Miz straight forward was he pretending an injury? Miz said that has he ever lied to him. As he was talking, Damian Priest walked out.

Damian asked Morrison to ask some relevant questions from The Miz, like why he ran away last week and what was behind his “injury” was he really injured or pretending? Miz said that he was cleared to wrestle for weeks.

Morrison was already in not a good mood and it seemed like we got a teaser of Miz and Morrison’s split. Morrison then said if Miz is fully fit now, let’s have a match on Moist TV. Miz vs. Damian Priest. Two contrasting emotions were on display, The Miz was unamused with Morrison’s announcement, meanwhile, Damian was as happy as he could be.



Backstage- Charlotte Flair approached WWE authority figures Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce complaining about the assault she had to go through earlier by Rhea Ripley and Nikki A.S.H. Sonya gives her a choice-



2-on-1 Handicap Match: Drew McIntyre vs. Veer & Shanky- Drew took the upper hand early on with a big right hand on Veer’s jaw. Veer then tagged Shanky and the big man took control with some fierce strikes followed by a big boot that floored the Scottish Warrior.

Veer was in the ring with the tag and continued working on Drew but only for a while. Drew took control soon by hitting him with a belly-to-belly suplex. In the closing moments, Drew hit Veer with a Future Shock DDT and then followed up by a Claymore to Shanky to wrap up the match.

WWE Raw Results: Drew McIntyre defeated Veer and Shanky by pinning the latter

After the match got over, Drew kicked Veer in the face and hit him a belly-to-belly suplex as he was trying to steal Drew’s prestigious sword.



Backstage- MVP gets interviewed and he flared light on tonight’s face-to-face segment between Goldberg and Bobby Lashley.



Backstage- Jinder Mahal infused the much-needed confidence into Veer & Shanky’s blood ahead of their match against the “Scottish Warrior” Drew McIntyre



Nikki A.S.H vs Rhea Ripley- After the two ladies entered the ring, Charlotte Flair also made a surprise visit and joined the commentary team.

In the ring, the two ladies started the match as the bell rang. Nikki took the early honors by diving onto Ripley on the outside from the apron and stared down at Charlotte.

After the commercial, both ladies were in the ring and Rhea hit a beautiful suplex on the champion. She then got the champ in a bear hug but somehow got away from the hold. A tornado DDT from the top rope was how Nikki countered Rhea’s offense.

In the closing moments, Rhea hit a suplex again and then followed by a big boot. Finally, Rhea finished off the Raw Women’s Champion with a Rip Tide to earn a victory over Nikki 5 days before Summerslam.

WWE Raw Results: Rhea Ripley defeated Nikki A.S.H via Pinfall

After the match got over, Nikki blasted her frustration on Charlotte Flair by annihilating her. Nikki was then joined by  Rhea and both women assaulted the Queen Charlotte Flair for good.



Backstage- Riddle gets interviewed. He said he felt really sad when Randy left him in the ring alone tonight.



Riddle vs. AJ Styles- The match started with a distraction. Riddle was expecting Randy to be at his corner, but the Viper decided to walk off backstage and Riddle was all alone with AJ Styles. The Phenomenal one took advantage and attached Riddle in the corner.

The two men exchanged some offense later, but AJ Styles had the upper hand, but only until Riddle hit a running kick on the chest of AJ from the apron as the latter was standing outside, and placed a moonsault on him from the middle rope to the outside.

After the commercial, both men were in the ring and AJ missed a splash on the corner. Riddle took advantage and hit a German Suplex but only to be denied for a 3-count. AJ then put an agony on the face of Riddle with a vicious Calf Crusher which barely got away with by holding on to the bottom rope.

The damage was already done to his left calf, but still, Riddle tried a reverse dive from the top rope, which was countered by AJ as he hit a right hand from behind on his injured calf and then hit him with a penultimate Styles Clash to pick up a victory.

WWE Raw Results: AJ Styles defeated Riddle via Pinfall



In the ring- Two weeks in a row, Randy Orton kicks off the show. Randy talks about last week. He says people asked me why I hit an RKO to Riddle. He further added that he doesn’t need friends and would have defeated AJ Styles with or without Riddle’s help. He said that I am Randy Orton, I am a 14-Time World Champion, I am the Viper, I am an Apex Predator and Monday Night Raw is my territory.

He then talked about his tonight’s match against Omos. He emphasized the fact that his opponent is huge but he is a Jackass and needs to be shut down with an RKO. As he was speaking, Riddle music hit, and out came the “Original Bro.”

He said to Randy that I know why you hit me an RKO last week, it is because you were teaching me how to hit it. He again asked Randy to team up and form RK-Bro. While he was talking, AJ Styles & Omos came out.

The Raw Tag Team Champions were on the ramp and AJ Styles was the one with the mic, He first warned Randy for his match against Omos later tonight, and then challenged Riddle for a match. Riddle accepted the challenge by saying that I am a different person when Randy Orton is by my side.