WWE Raw results, highlights and recap: Top 5 moments from this week RAW before Payback 2020

WWE Raw results: After astonishing end of SummerSlam, now it is time to keep an eye for WWE’s next PPV – Payback. In the latest episode of WWE Raw we have got four major fixtures announcement for this upcoming PPV Payback.

However, WWE Raw started with WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, who came out to celebrate his victory over Randy Orton at SummerSlam but that celebration did not last very long as McIntyre was attacked by Orton from behind.

Asuka after winning WWE RAW Women’s Championship at SummerSlam. She was all set to defend her Championship in this latest edition of RAW against Sasha Banks in a “Lumberjack” match which Sasha Banks lost.

Finally Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio took their revenge from Seth Rollins and Murphy this week on RAW.

However, let us check out the top 5 moments from this week’s RAW ahead of Payback.

5). WWE Raw results: Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax

Before the match started, Jax made her way to the entrance ramp where she stayed as the match began. Baszler immediately went after Bayley’s arm. After a bit of back-and-forth action, the inevitable happened and Jax ran in to attack Baszler. While Bayley and Sasha Banks watched on laughing at the attack, Jax and Baszler turned their attention to the tag champions before leaving the ring together and chasing the champs off. The match had potential but there was no way to get into it knowing it was just a matter of time before Jax would run in. However, Jax and Baszler is all set to take on Bayley and Sasha Banks at Payback for their Women’s Tag Team Championship.

4). WWE RAW results: Keith Lee debut match against Randy Orton

Orton said that he has done what he wants to do, when he wants to do it and to whoever he wants to do it to. But that didn’t happen at SummerSlam. Orton said he punted McIntyre twice earlier because no one offers him a title rematch out of pity. As Orton was about to call himself the greatest wrestler in the world, Keith Lee’s music hit and Lee made his Raw debut by interrupting The Viper. Lee cut a promo, introducing himself to Orton and throwing down the challenge for a one-on-one match “here and now.” Orton responded by saying, “Maybe later,” and rolling out of the ring. Just a phenomenal way to debut Lee, interrupting Orton immediately makes him a big deal instead of getting mixed up on smaller matters on the midcard.

3). WWE RAW results: Asuka stands tall against Sasha Banks

Shayna Baszler was quick to insert herself into the match once Banks was knocked to the outside among the lumberjacks. With Bayley at ringside, she was quick to stick her nose into the match, taking shots at Asuka when opportunities presented themselves. That eventually became Banks’ downfall as Bayley would try to slide a chair into the ring for Banks, but Baszler grabbed on to Bayley’s ankle. The distraction allowed Asuka to sneak up behind Banks and lock up the Asuka Lock for the submission to win. With everything Banks and Asuka are capable of, once again there was just not enough given to them in the ring this time around, really rendering the match meaningless. What was there, while not much, was good, of course, with two talented women doing what they do.

2). WWE RAW results: Mysterio(s) took their revenge from Seth Rollins and Co. Murphy

As Rollins and Murphy hit the ringside area, a brawl immediately broke out. Rey was quickly taken out and Dominik was rolled into the ring by Rollins, with the bell ringing to signal the start of the match. Dominik quickly took over on Murphy with some lucha arm drags before knocking Rollins and Murphy from the ring where Rey helped set up a top rope dive by Dominik. After a commercial break, Rollins took things over on Rey briefly before a big comeback spot to get to a hot tag to Dominik. As Dominik was taking over, Murphy hit him with a chop block to take him out, but a Rey comeback set up a double 619 before the lights flickered and Retribution ran in to surround Dominik. Rollins and Murphy ran away and Rey tried to save his son, only for Retribution to put a beating on both Mysterios. The six retribution members involved in the attack — a much smaller group than this past week’s SmackDown — celebrated on the ring apron as Rollins happily looked on to end the show.

1). WWE Raw results: Randy Orton KO Champion Drew McIntyre

Lee drove Orton into the corner from the early lock up and then powered out of a headlock before a leapfrog and shoulder tackle. Lee also caught an Orton punch and crushed his hand. That all set up an extended stretch of Lee domination as he used his speed and size to baffle Orton, eventually knocking him from the ring. Orton, of course, is too smart to have an opportunity on the outside and he used that moment to take over, hitting the hanging DDT and setting up for an RKO before Drew McIntyre ran in and pulled Orton from the ring before attacking him to end the match. Again, potential wasted in the ring even if McIntyre’s attack made sense in the larger story, but there’s no way around it being deflating to see Lee debut with music changed for the worse, his gear changed for the worse and then his first match ending as part of someone else’s story.