WWE Raw Results & Highlights: Drew McIntyre stands tall against Bobby Lashley, RK-Bro defeats the New Day

WWE Raw Live Results and Updates: Randy Orton, Drew McIntyre, AJ Styles in action. Eva Marie returns this week. Follow Live Updates

WWE Raw Results & Highlights: RAW Results live updates: Results of WWE Raw Monday Episode on 15 June: WWE Raw is live from the Yuengling Center in Tampa Florida. WWE Thunderdome the digital arena is hosting the event. Check out the live updates and results of the show here.

Here are the matches scheduled for the night:

  • Nikki Cross vs. Charlotte Flair
  • Jeff Hardy vs. John Morrison
  • Jeff Hardy vs. Cedric Alexander (If Jeff loses he will retire)
  • Piper Niven vs. Naomi
  • The New Day vs. RK-Bro
  • Asuka vs. Rhea Ripley
  • Alexa Bliss vs. Nia Jax
  • Elias vs. Jaxson Ryker
  • AJ Styles vs. Drew McIntyre
  • The Viking Raider & Drew McIntyre vs. AJ Styles, Omos & Bobby Lashley

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Here are the WWE Raw Results & Highlights:

The Viking Raider & Drew McIntyre vs. AJ Styles, Omos & Bobby Lashley- This match was made official during the commercial. Styles and Erick were fighting in the ring, while Lashley from outside pulled Drew McIntyre down the apron and slammed him to the barricade.

Lashley came back to his corner and the trio of Omos, Lashley & AJ Styles started slamming Erick simultaneously. Erick however got an opportunity to tag Ivar and the other half of the Viking Raiders changed the momentum. He winded up AJ Styles & Lashley before colliding against Omos who humbled him with relative ease.

After the commercial, Lashley and Ivar were in the ring and the latter was going through the aftermath of Omos’s attack. Lashley looked in complete control as he was mauling Ivar. He then tagged in Omos who splashed on Ivar in the corner before tagging AJ. Ivar got an opportunity to tag Drew, and Styles then tagged Omos. The showdown between Omos and McIntyre was worth a watch and it was the giant overpowered the former WWE Champion.

In the closing moments, AJ tagged in Lashley who was a bit surprised as AJ was about to tag in Omos. Just when Lashley entered the ring, Drew hit him with a Claymore to earn a victory for his team.

WWE Raw Results: Drew McIntyre and The Viking Raiders won.


AJ Styles vs. Drew McIntyre- The main event of the night had all the eyeballs grabbed. Bobby Lashley the WWE Champion, was near the ramp with his ladies and MVP to watch the match from close.

Two of the best WWE Raw has on offer were in the ring against each other. After a classic wrestling hook, multiple chest chops on the corner were on display from both AJ and an ultimate one from Drew.

In the first five minutes of the match, McIntyre hit AJ with a future shock DDT to humble him. He then turned towards Lashley and started teasing him. This made the ALL-Mighty WWE Champion annoyed and he made his way to the ring with MVP trying to hold him from behind. Just when he was about to enter the ring, Viking Raiders music hit, and the challengers for Omos and AJ Styles Raw Tag Team championship came out to even things in the middle.

After the commercial, Drew McIntyre was seen in control with Styles reeling in the corner. Drew hit AJ with a back brake on the knee before AJ took McIntyre out and face first him on the ring post. McIntyre somehow made it inside the ring but AJ Styles was the one with momentum by his side. However, Drew made a comeback with an intimidating clothesline and then hit three consecutive ones before hitting a suplex to the Phenomenal One. He went for a cover but Styles escaped with a near fall. Drew then tried for a top rope suplex, but Styles countered with a knee to the back suplex.

Drew then took Styles out near the announce table and hit Lashley with a left strike before slamming him into the barricade. Just when Drew looked in control, Lashley came inside the ring and started assaulting Drew to disqualify the match. The brawl then continued with The Viking Raiders striking Lashley with big blows and taking the All-Mighty Champion out of the ring. Result: Match got disqualified


Elias vs. Jaxson Ryker- Elias was all over Ryker with chops on the chest. He was consistently hitting Ryker with fierce strikes. Ryker came back with a double axe handle to stop Elias’s momentum.

Ryker hit Elias with a raging spine buster in the ring and then took him out with a spine burst on the ring post. Elias was reeling outside the ring, while Ryker came back inside. Elias then willingly didn’t make the 10-count to hand yet another victory to Jaxson Ryker. Result: Ryker defeated Elias via count-out.


Backstage- MVP once again came up to Kofi Kingston to manipulate him like the last week. He tried to get into Kofi’s head and force him to break his bond with Xavier Woods.


Alexa Bliss vs. Nia Jax- Alexa Bliss got two sleeper holds on Nia Jax and surprised the Irresistible Force completely. However, Nia took advantage of her strong built to get back into the match. She hit Alexa with multiple suplexes and clotheslines.

Bliss got the momentum back with a DDT and hit Nia with a Twisted Bliss from the top rope. As soon she was going for a pin to close off on a victory, Reginald came in and disqualified the match by picking up Bliss from the top of Nia.

WWE Raw Results: Alexa Bliss won via disqualification.


Backstage- The All-Mighty WWE Champion and MVP were enjoying with the ladies in their personal locker room until the interview entered to ask Bobby about his plans to face Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship at Hell in a Cell PPV.


Asuka vs. Rhea Ripley- Asuka looked swift right from the outset. She utilized her striking abilities to surprise Rhea. The Champ however caught Asuka’s momentum with two clotheslines before blocking her submission. Rhea then took Asuka outside the ring and face burst her on the barricade.

After the commercial, the two competitors were in the ring with Asuka in control. Asuka then went air bourne with a dropkick from the top rope. Asuka then hit a big knee followed by a clothesline and a hip attack for a near fall. Rhea also went for a suplex near fall to get into the match but Asuka replied with a knee attack and kicks to the chest.

Asuka was carrying on with the momentum but all of sudden turned the tables by escaping Asuka’s fierce strikes and converting into a Rip-Tide to earn the victory.

WWE Raw Results: Rhea Ripley won via Pinfall.

After the match got over, Charlotte laid a dirty attack on Rhea from behind and the two Hell in Cell competitors got engaged in a brawl.


Backstage- Rhea Ripley talks about her chances of defeating Charlotte at Hell in a Cell. But right now, she is focused to take on former Raw Women’s Champion Asuka.


The New Day vs. RK-Bro- Riddle & Woods started things off in a classic wrestling style. Woods and Kofi were making quick tags and making it miserable for Riddle. They particularly targeted the left arm of Riddle and didn’t let him make the tag. However, Riddle got an opening by hopping Woods by his left leg and tagging in Randy.

Randy tried to normalize things, but the New Day was all over RK-Bro. After the commercial, Woods and Riddle were in the ring with the latter in control. He then tagged Randy to show a glimpse of teamwork by placing a moon sault with the aid of randy, Riddle was again in the ring and working on Woods’ arms. Both Riddle and Randy were ensuring that Woods doesn’t make a tag.

Anyhow, Woods did make a tag and Kofi increased the speed of the match-up with his high-flying splash and hits on Randy’s chest. Randy somehow got to his corner and Riddle was quick to tag in. The Original Bro then changed the momentum and took his team back to the driving seat with a Swanton on Kofi. He tried to pin him but got a near fall.

After the commercial, Riddle was nice again in the rung but this time against Kofi. RK-Bro then showed yet another glimpse of teamwork as Randy hit a Powerbomb to Woods with Riddle’s assistance, but again a near fall eluded them from the victory.

Both teams were exhausted with a series of near falls. But ultimately, an RKO from nowhere on Woods signed off an epic contest.

WWE Raw Results: Riddle & Randy defeated The New Day.


Naomi vs. Piper Niven- The EVA-Lution finally took place on Monday Night Raw. But, it wasn’t Eva who fought Naomi, instead NXT UK’s powerhouse Piper Niven was the one who started things off on behalf of Eva Marie.

Naomi was decimated by Niven as the powerhouse didn’t give a moment of respite to the former Smackdown Women’s Champion.

WWE Raw Results: Piper Niven won via Pinfall.


Jeff Hardy vs. Cedric Alexander (If Jeff loses he will retire)- After Hardy’s match against Morisson got over, Alexander said that he respects Hardy but after the way, the latter taunted him he doesn’t have any respect for the legend and wants to send him to a retirement home. Hardy said if Alexander could defeat him now, he will retire.

As the match started, Alexander started working on the left knee of Hardy. Alexander was talking trash with Hardy before going air bourne but Hardy escaped. He then hit a Twist of Fate and followed up with a Swanton Bomb to pick up the victory.

WWE Raw Results: Jeff Hardy won via Pinfall


Jeff Hardy vs. John Morrison- Two veterans go one on one after over a decade. As the match started, Morrison distracted Jeff and got the momentum over his counterpart. All of a sudden, Cedric Alexander’s music hit and he surprised everyone by coming out. In the ring, both Hardy and Morisson were fighting out and it took Morrison a Starship Pain to humble Hardy.

WWE Raw Results: John Morrison defeated Jeff Hardy


Nikki Cross vs. Charlotte Flair- The first match of the night saw Nikki Cross going against Queen Charlotte. As the bell rung, Rhe Ripley’s music hit, and the Raw Women’s Champion came out, Nikki took the opportunity and tried a roll-up pin on Charlotte for a near fall. Nikki tried to take advantage of the distraction, but nothing happened.

Charlotte then threw Nikki out of the ring and continued playing with her, absolutely savaging her. In the meantime, Rhea took a chair near the announcement table to watch the proceedings. After the commercial, both the ladies were in the ring and Charlotte was dominating Nikki. Charlotte’s offense was troubling Nikki. After Nikki placed a tornado DDT on Charlotte from the turnbuckle, Nikki was caught by the queen when she attempted a dive from the apron. Charlotte threw Nikki behind but only to get counted out as Nikki went inside the ring quickly despite being thrown out.

After the match, a frustrated Charlotte assaulted Nikki in the ring before getting a Rip-Tide from Rhea.

WWE Raw Results: Nikki won by count-out.


Backstage- Alexa Bliss started the night by reminding what Lilly did to Shayna Baszler last night. Later Nia Jax comes into the picture and says Shayna Baszler will face Alexa at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. Alexa accepts the challenge. Nia then challenged Alexa for tonight and she accepts it too.