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WWE RAW Live Results : The latest edition of Monday Night RAW kicked off with a massive contract signing. This contract signing took place between Seth Rollins and Dominik Mysterio for their official match at SummerSlam 2020. Samoa Joe was already in the ring to keep his eyes on both these superstars so that they may not get into brawl before SummerSlam.

However, after the official signing of their match, Seth Rollins was set up in a singles match against Humberto Carrillo.

Nevertheless, on another segment we had the Angelo Dawkins up against Andrade in a singles competition. It was exciting contest that ended with a victory to Dawkins.

MVP was joined in the ring with his other two team members of ‘Hurt Business’ during his MVP lounge edition. However, MVP called out Apollo Crews to have a match with one of his team members, and Crews to take on Shelton Benjamin.

Here are all the highlights from WWE RAW Live August 11, 2020:

Here are WWE RAW Live results:

WWE RAW Live Results, winners, and grades: Seth Rollins Def. Hunberto Carrillo

This opening contest took place after the official contract signing of Seth Rollins and Dominik Mysterio for their match at SummerSlam. The ‘Monday Night Messiah’ Rollins was once again favorite in this match as he slayed down Carrillo in this match. Seth Rollins did not wast much to pinfall Hunberto Carrillo in this one sided match. However, after the Rollins Co. Murphy assaulted Dominik Mysterio at ringside and further Rollins joined him too in that. They just slammed down kendo sticks assault on Dominik who just left helpless in the ring. This further was the message from Seth Rollins that same assault would happen with Dominik at SummerSlam.

(Grade A)

WWE RAW Live Results, winners, and grades: Angelo Dawkins Def. Andrade 

The one half of the Street Profits member Angelo Dawkins faced off against Andrade in a singles competition. Angelo was in singles action almost after a long time, however, it was the exciting match between these two. Angelo Dawkins with a cross below elbow got the victory over Andrade. Moreover, the Street Profits will defend their Championships against Andrade and Angel Garza at SummerSlam.

(Grade C) 

You’ll never see it coming…@MontezFordWWE WILL be good to go at #SummerSlam when he and @AngeloDawkins defend the #WWERaw #TagTeamTitles against @AndradeCienWWE & @AngelGarzaWwe! pic.twitter.com/GLNDCohx5P

WWE RAW Live Results, winners, and grades: Shelton Benjamin Def. Apollo Crews (non-title match) 

MVP was joined by Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin ‘Hurt Business’ during his MVP lounge edition. MVP called out current United States Champion Apollo Crews for a singles match against Shelton Benjamin in a non-title that further accepted by Crews. More of like if we see it was 1- on – 3 condition since Crews left alone inside the ring against Hurt Business. The mind game worked really well for Hurt Business as a result of it Shelton Benjamin took a surprise shot and defeated Apollo Crews. However, after the match MVP tried to assault Crews, but Crews hit a cheap shot and left the ring with his Championship.

(Grade B-)

As @WWEApollo took care of business against @The305MVP, @fightbobby & @Sheltyb803, RETRIBUTION continued their path of disruption. #WWERaw pic.twitter.com/81kmXdKnzn

WWE RAW Live Results, winners, and grades: Bianca Belair Def. Zelina Vega

This match took place just after the match of Andrade and Angelo Dawkins. Both these belligerents got into a solid start of a match but Bianca Belair was the favourite one to win this match with her athleticism. Zelina Vega fell short against the strength of Bianca Belair in this match and Belair emerged victorious over her. With this victory somehow Belair also took her revenge from Vega for her last week’s erratic actions.

(Grade C)

WWE RAW Live Results, winners, and grades:Viking Raiders, Ricochet & Cedric Alexander Def. Akira Tozawa & the Ninjas

Ricochet kicked off the match with Ninja #1 and then tagged in Cedric before Erik and Ivar came in as well and hit the Viking Experience on a Ninja to get the quick win after Tozawa took his title and left the apron, giving up on the match effectively. After this match R-Truth came from no where and claimed his 38th 24/7 Championship against Tozawa Akira.

(Grade C+) 

WWE RAW Live Results, winners, and grades: Peyton Royce def. Liv Morgan via pinfall:

Short match with the story focused on the reunion of Morgan and Ruby Riott. With Morgan in the corner, Billie Kaye baited Riott into jumping on the ring apron, which distracted the referee and Morgan, leading to Royce hitting her spinning brainbuster finisher for the win. Morgan was visibly upset with Riott after the match but nothing came of it. I like the idea of the Riott Squad reunion not being perfect at the start rather than them just working well together and going on a ruin. Teams need to build. There was not much to this segment though.

(Grade C)

Great minds think alike?#WWERaw @PeytonRoyceWWE @YaOnlyLivvOnce pic.twitter.com/bqmilDfqfp

WWE RAW Live Results, winners, and grades:  RAW Underground — Riddick Moss def. Cal Bloom: Unlike last week, these two actually got a couple minutes. Bloom was dominating Moss early until Moss took him outside the ring, ran him into some metal poles and then planted him on the canvas with some ground and pound for the win. | Arturo Ruas def. Enhancement talent: Another more formal match, Ruas quickly won with a roundhouse kick. | Dabba-Kato def. Enhancement talent: Kato continuously planted a guy half his size … and then unnecessarily grabbed an entire handful of his junk before delivering a knockout punch for the win.|Shayna Baszler def. Three enhancement talents: Baszler showed up and no one had the guts to ace her, so she picked a woman out of the crowd and beat her down. Two other women tried to intervene, including one who put Baszler in a chokehold, but she quickly dispatched of them, too. all three women then ganged up on Baszler, but she took them all down, tapping out the last. With more than 30 minutes left in the show, Shane McMahon said they were done for the week.

(Grade C-)

Ladies and gentlemen … @dabbakato.#WWERaw #RawUnderground pic.twitter.com/AktuQIHYsY

WWE RAW Live Results, winners, and grades: Asuka Def. Bayley ( No-Title match, with SummerSlam chance)

It was one of the most exciting matches of the night when SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley took on against Asuka in a non-title match. However, this match had some major implications with that if Asuka wins the match she will get the championship opportunity to face Sasha Banks at SummerSlam. This match started with full of chaos, inside and outside the ring, Bayley as always helped by Sasha Banks in this match, who joined her at ringside. But this nothing held Asuka to win this match as she got the impressive victory over Bayley by caged in her Asuka lock. With this win it is official now that Asuka will face off against Sasha Banks at SummerSlam for the RAW Women’s Championship.

(Grade A-) 

Even with the odds stacked against her, @WWEAsuka refuses to leave #WWERaw tonight without her title opportunity at #SummerSlam. pic.twitter.com/RlZNztvcJ2

WWE RAW Live Results, winners, and grades: Randy Orton Def. Kevin Owens, Orton further assaults Ric Flair

Randy Orton faced off against Kevin Owens in this week’s Monday Night RAW. In this match Randy Orton was joined by Ric Flair at ringside. This match almost included everything chaos, destruction and grudge. Kevin Owens initially took the momentum on his side by hitting a early stunner on Orton. But the Viper was not in a mood to lose from anyone as Randy Orton slammed Kevin Owens on the table and let his body give some rest. Both these superstars almost took every shot to beat each other but neither of them decided to put their arsenal against each other. But it was Randy Orton who produced anomaly RKO on Kevin Owens and got the mammoth victory over Owens.

After the match Orton was not very impressed with himself as he suggested Ric Flair now it’s to time stay away from my business. Orton was not the man of his word as he decided to produce a lethal punt kick on Flair and knocked him out, and ended the show with this maniac.

(Grade A)