WWE Raw Results and Highlights: Omos dismantles Erik in his singles debut. Bobby Lashley sends a message loud & clear to Kofi Kingston

WWE Raw Results July 13 & Live updates: Omos dismantles Erik in his singles debut. Bobby Lashley sends a message loud & clear to Kofi Kingston
WWE Raw Results July 13 & Live updates: Omos dismantles Erik in his singles debut. Bobby Lashley sends a message loud & clear to Kofi Kingston

WWE Raw Monday Night Raw Results and Highlights, July 13: Check out the big highlights and what happened on WWE Monday Night RAW Episode on July 13th: The final WWE Raw at the Thunderdome is the go-home Money in the Bank edition. It will take place on Monday, July 12 (July 13 in India). Let us check the match card first,

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  • MVP’s VIP Lounge- Special Guest Bobby Lashley
  • Rhea Ripley vs. Natalya
  • John Morrison vs. Ricochet (Falls Count Anywhere match)
  • Sheamus vs. Humberto Carrillo (US Championship)
  • Omos vs Erik
  • AJ Styles vs. Ivar
  • Nikki A.S.H vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Asuka vs. Naomi
  • Jinder Mahal in the ring addressing last week’s actions
  • Xavier Woods vs. Bobby Lashley

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WWE Raw Results and Highlights, July 13: Check out the big highlights and what happened on WWE Monday Night RAW Episode on July 13th


WWE Raw Results and Hightlights of the night

MVP’s VIP Lounge: Special Guest Bobby Lashley- MVP hosted the VIP Lounge and started off with glorifying Bobby Lashley’s unnumberable victories in the Thunderdome. He called out the All-Mighty WWE Champion Bobby Lashley 4-times and finally, out he came in a bemused mood.

Bobby was in no mood for fun. He was right into the face of MVP and said that he is furious right now after losing to Xavier Woods. He said enough of these ladies and celebrations, now he wants to get back to what he does best, and that is to destroy everyone who gets in his way.

After saying all this, Lashley threw away the tables and couch placed in the ring and looked furious like hell while doing all this. MVP was stunned watching all of this. To close off the segment, Bobby Lashley warned Kofi Kingston and said that he will dismantle him this Sunday at Money in the Bank PPV. Probably the best promo from Bobby Lashley ever since he became the WWE Champion, and it looks like Kofi will have a run for his money at the Money in the Bank PPV this Sunday.



Natalya vs. Rhea Ripley- The two women started the proceedings by grappling each other. Rhea tried to work on Natalya’s right arm, but Natalya didn’t let that happen. Natalya went for a sharpshooter then but Rhea didn’t let that happen and kicked Natalya out of the ring.

Just when Natalya got up from the floor, Rhea came running in to plant a dropkick on her, but Natalya ducked down, and Tamina got the dropkick instead.

After the commercial, both women were in a precarious position on the corner ropes. Rhea placed a dropkick from the middle rope to put Natalya down.

The two women were again on the corner ropes and this time Natalya went for a face-first on the top of the corner post and followed it by a suplex. Natalya finally got hold of the sharpshooter in her third attempt, but Rhea’s resilience played a huge role in bearing the pain.

In the closing moments, Rhea placed a ferocious kick on the side of the head of Natalya and put her through a Rip Tide to roll down curtains in the match. 

After the match got over, Charlotte came into the ring and attacked Ripley from behind with a chop block and placed a figure four on her.

WWE Raw Results: Rhea Ripley defeated Natalya via Pinfall



Backstage- Drew McIntyre gets interviewed. He talks about Money in the Bank and how important it is for him to hold that contract. He also said that Jinder or anyone can’t stop him from grabbing that briefcase.



John Morrison vs. Ricochet (Falls Count Anywhere match)- The two high-flyers who have been impressing one and all from the past two weeks were in the ring once again. Morrison got the upper hand early when he placed a neck breaker on the apron and went for a 2-count on the outside.

A knee and a back kick on the face took a lot from Ricochet as Morrison looked in total control. The two men were inside the ring now and Ricochet went for a German Suplex. He tried pinning Morrison, but the latter kicked out on two counts.

Once again the two men were outside the ring and this time Ricochet sent Morrison over the barricade to hit him face-first on the LED board. He then went for a 450 splash from the barricade but it resulted in yet another 2-count.

Ricochet went for yet another simply breathtaking splash from the corner post to the outside before we run into the commercial break. After the commercial, John Morrison placed a ladder between the announce table and ring apron. Ricochet was in control, while Morrison was using the Miz as a shield.

The two were now fighting on the entrance ramp and then they moved backstage where Morrisson hit a superkick on Ricochet followed by a running knee. Morrisson attempted a pin, but again it was a 2-count.

Both were back on the entrance ramp again attacking each other before going back into the ring. While Ricochet was attempting a dive from the ring apron, The Miz used the drip stick to distract him.

With Miz causing too much distraction, Riddle came out to even the odds and took care of The Miz.

In the closing moments, Ricochet put Morrison on the ladder set up before and dived on him from the top turnbuckle to earn a pinfall victory.

WWE Raw Results: Ricochet defeated John Morrison via pinfall



Sheamus vs. Humberto Carrillo (United States Championship)- Even after the backstage assault from the Celtic Warrior, Carrillo made his way to the ring to fight Sheamus for the United States Championship. Just as the bell rang, Sheamus finished the proceedings in a matter of moment as he planted a Brogue Kick to wrap up things.

After the match ended, Sheamus continued the assault on the already exhausted and decimated Carrillo, until Damian Priest came out rushing to save him.

WWE Raw Results: Sheamus defeated Humberto Carrillo via pinfall



Backstage- Even before the match could have started, Sheamus assaulted her opponent Humberto Carrillo backstage. While he was walking back after manhandling Carrillo, Damian Priest stared down at Sheamus.



Backstage- Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods get interviewed backstage. Xavier Woods gets asked about his monumental victory over the All-Mighty WWE Champion Bobby Lashley earlier tonight. Kofi also talks about the fact that he is about to shock the world by becoming the 2-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion after defeating Lashley in front of the live audience.



Omos vs Erik- The Giant Omos is in his singles debut now. Erik tried grabbing Omos from behind, but the bug man just threw him like a rag bag. Omos then locked Erik in a bear hug and completely rocked him.

Erik, however, wasn’t backing down. He used his quickness to unsettle Omos, but it was all momentarily until Omos slowed down his momentum with a clothesline. It just took Omos one double-arm chokeslam to secure a pinfall over Erik.

WWE Raw Results: Omos defeated Erik via Pinfall



AJ Styles vs. Ivar- Styles was stunned and rocked into the corner after seeing a 300 pounds man Ivar flying here and there. Styles, however, collected himself and gained the upper hand with a DDT from the corner post. The momentum didn’t last for long as Ivar operated on a different level and placed a suplex followed by a body splash on Styles.

In the closing moments of the match, Styles tried a sunset flip on Ivar, but the big man countered with a roll-up pin and stunned the former 2-time WWE Champion to earn perhaps the biggest win of his career. After the loss, AJ Styles was left shell shocked.

WWE Raw Results: Ivar defeated AJ Styles via pinfall.



Nikki A.S.H vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Asuka vs. Naomi- Naomi went for Alexa Bliss early, but the weird Alexa Bliss got the better of Naomi. Asuka and Nikki were back in the contest. Nikki took care of Naomi before Asuka and Naomi teamed up to take out Nikki.

As the match progressed, Duodrop & Eva Marie walked down the aisle. Alexa Bliss approached Eva Marie on the ramp, but Eva Marie commanded Doudrop to take care of Bliss. Doudrop lifted Alexa on her shoulders and send her across the barricade. Just when Eva Marie went towards the barricade to check Alexa Bliss, she was nowhere to be found which left Eva shell shocked.

The match continued after the commercial, with Asuka taking out Naomi and Nikki, while Alexa was still nowhere to be found. At one stage, Naomi went for submission on Nikki but Asuka broke it.

Asuka went for the armbar on Baomu, but this time Nikki broke it. In the closing moments, when Asuka was going for an Asuka lock, Nikki converted it into an innovated roll-up pin to upset Asuka.

WWE Raw Results: Nikki Cross won the Fatal 4-way by pinning Asuka.



Jinder Mahal is in the ring addressing last week actions- Jinder said that he feels he took the matter too far last week and wants to apologize to Drew McIntyre. That’s why he called out Drew, but instead, the former WWE Champion comes on the big screen and tells Jinder that he isn’t going to fall into his traps.

Jinder shows Drew his broken sword and laughs at him, but Drew instead reveals the real sword telling Jinder that the one he has in his possession is the replica. After revealing the real sword, Drew McIntyre dismantles Jinder’s motorbike.



Backstage- Alexa Bliss invited Eva Marie and Doudrop to her Playground. Eva Marie was not pleased with Alexa talking to Doudrop, and left the show by saying she is better out of here. Eva wasn’t amused at all.



Backstage- MVP is asked that why Bobby Lashley has left the building? But instead of answering, MVP said that the All-Mighty WWE Champion will be back in the VIP lounge later in the evening.



Xavier Woods vs. Bobby Lashley- The night kicked off with Xavier Woods vs. The All-Mighty WWE Champion Bobby Lashley. The All-Mighty WWE Champion was looking like a man possessed and was on the money from the outset. After starting the match inside the ring with some power lifts, Bobby took Woods outside and gave a face-first to Woods on the apron and then to the steel stairs.

After the commercial, Bobby Lashley was seen continuing with his brutality and taking out Xavier Woods in the corner. After two consecutive takedowns on the corner post, Woods stunned Lashley with a superkick and a DDT before he went for a dive outside the ring from the top-rope.

Lashley however didn’t waste much time for a comeback. He placed a giant spine buster and a rolling face first. He then took Xavier outside the ring and planted a face-first on Woods. The two men then went inside the ring and this time Lashley hit Woods with a vicious spear. As Lashley was going for a pin, Woods went for a roll-up pin and stunned the All-Mighty WWE Champion.

WWE Raw Results: Xavier Woods secured a pinfall victory over Bobby Lashley in what was a David & Goliath victory