WWE Raw Results: Piper Niven aligns with Eva Marie to make her main roster debut

WWE Raw Results

WWE Raw Results: The much-awaited return of Eva Marie got bombarded with the debut of NXT UK’s Piper Niven. EVA-Lution was about to happen tonight, but instead, we got a main roster in-ring debut of Piper Niven.

Piper Niven defeated Naomi on her Raw debut!

WWE Raw Results: WWE booked Eva Marie’s return match against the former 2-time Smackdown Women’s Champion Naomi. Eva Marie made her much-anticipated return on the roster but with Piper Niven. The debutant rushed inside the ring, and then directed a confused referee to ring the bell for the commencement of the match.

The match didn’t take too long to get going or end. Niven started in a completely dominating fashion and made Naomi looked like a minuscule opponent. She completely decimated the former Smackdown Champion and finished her off with a Michinoku Driver.

After the match got over, Noven rushed to the ringside and hugged Eva Marie in ecstasy before Eva took the mic from the announcer and announced- “The winner of this match- Eva Marie.”


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Will Eva actually wrestle in the future?

WWE Raw Results: Eva Marie has always been used in WWE for her sex appeal. The last time when she was with the company, she had different runs where her seductive aura got used. For weeks, WWE has advertised her as an in-ring performer, but it was previously reported that she would be used as a vehicle to push new Raw superstars. The current plan for Eva Marie is not to be used as an in-ring competitor. Also, there are plans to change the in-ring name of Piper Niven. No one knows how quickly Vince McMahon might pull the trigger and offer something new with Eva Marie. Stay Tuned for further updates on Eva Marie and Piper Niven.