WWE Raw Results and Highlights: Big E defeats Bobby Lashley to become the WWE Champion for the first time in his career

WWE Raw Results September 14, live blog: Big E defeats Bobby Lashley to become the WWE Champion for the first time in his career
WWE Raw Results September 14, live blog: Big E defeats Bobby Lashley to become the WWE Champion for the first time in his career

WWE Raw– Raw Results and Highlights: Check out the big highlights and what happened on WWE Monday Night Smackdown Episode on September 14th: This week’s Monday Night Raw was live from the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. Check the WWE Raw Results in this blog.

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WWE Raw– Raw Results and Highlights: Big E defeats Bobby Lashley to become the WWE Champion for the first time in his career

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  • Big E Kicks off the Show
  • Charlotte Flair vs. Shayna Baszler
  • The Viking Raiders & Drew McIntyre vs. Jinder Mahal, Shanky & Veer
  • United States Championship Open Challenge- Jeff Hardy vs. Damian Priest (c)
  • Tamina vs. Nikki A.S.H
  • Natalya vs. Rhea Ripley
  • Mansoor, Mustafa Ali & The New Day vs. AJ Styles, Omos, Mace & T-Bar
  • Doudrop vs Eva Marie
  • WWE Championship- Randy Orton vs. Bobby Lashley
  • WWE Championship- Big E vs. Bobby Lashley

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WWE Raw– Raw Results and Highlights from the night

WWE Championship- Big E vs. Bobby Lashley: Big E and Bobby Lashley are all set to collide now as the former has cashed in his contract. The match started after the commercial and Big E slapped right on the face that ambushed Lashley and he went bashing all over Big E.

He hit a vicious spear on Big E and went for a cover, but surprisingly he kicked out and hit a Big Ending on Bobby Lashley to pin the All-Mighty WWE Champion and become the new WWE Champion on Monday Night Raw.

WWE Raw Live Results: Big E defeats Bobby Lashley to become the new WWE Champion



WWE Championship- Randy Orton vs. Bobby Lashley: Time for the colossal main event. It’s Randy Orton vs. Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship. A match 14 years in the making.

As the bell rang, Orton played a little Cat & Mouse by rolling out of the ring. Lashley started the chase as he was getting frustrated. Finally, the action started when Riddle distracted Lashley on the outside and Orton attacked him from behind.

After the

The two men went into the ring and after hitting few blows, Lashley started his offense ss he took the Viper to the corner. He then tried to run into Randy but the latter escaped and Lashley went shoulder-first into the post. Lashley then send Randy outside and he landed badly on his right ankle.

After a while, Randy got the better of Lashley outside the ring and planted him back first on the barricade. He then hit a clothesline to send Lashley all over the barricade. Randy moved back to the ring and was feeling some pain in his right ankle.

After the commercial, the two men were in the ring with Bobby Lashley hoisted up above the top turnbuckle. Randy went for the superplex and Lashley was rocked completely. Randy went for a cover, but Lashley survived.

The champ then moved outside the ring and hoisted Randy on his shoulders to bash his head into the outside of the ring post. Randy was struggling now meanwhile the WWE Universe was chanting “Let’s go Randy.” Lashley rolled Randy inside the ring and bashed right into his abdomen in the corner.

Lashley worked on Randy’s neck now as he wrapped his arms around his neck. However, Randy got out of the hold. Orton then gained some momentum and hit Lashley with his back suplex followed by the middle rope DDT. He then tried going for the RKO, but Lashley countered the same with a Spear. Lashley went for a pinfall, but Randy kicked out at two.

Randy finally got his RKO placed on Lashley, but MVP pulled Lashley out of harm’s way. This frustrated Randy Orton and he went outside to hit MVP with an RKO. When he returned in the ring, Lashley hit Randy with a second spear and crushed his dreams of becoming a 15-time World Champion.

After the match got over, Bobby Lashley assaulted both Randy & Riddle. Once he was done assaulting the two, Big E entered the scene to cash in his Money in the Bank contract.

WWE Raw Live Results: Bobby Lashley defeated Randy Orton via Pinfall.




Backstage: Karrion Kross talks about his dominance and the list of casualties he is responsible for on the Red brand.



Doudrop vs. Eva Marie: Eva Marie was the first to get her hands on her former prodigy. With some offense, Marie bashed Doudrop’s head repeatedly on the top turnbuckle.

Eva was trying her offense every now and then, she tried a roll-up pin but couldn’t get down Doudrop instead the latter jumped back first on Eva and finished her once and for all with a running splash.

WWE Raw Live Results: Doudrop defeats Eva Marie


Backstage: MVP & Bobby Lashley talk about the main event WWE Championship match against Randy Orton. They got cut by Big E who reminds them that he inytends to cash in his contract tonight.



Mansoor, Mustafa Ali & The New Day vs. AJ Styles, Omos, Mace & T-Bar: Mansoor & AJ Styles started the proceedings with an arm lock before hitting a dropkick on the Phenomenal One. He then takes Styles on his corner and a round of simultaneous tags between Woods, Kingston, and Mansoor saw AJ Styles feeling the heat with regular kicks on the corner.

AJ Styles somehow got out of the corner when Mustafa Ali tagged himself in and he hoiked the latter for a suplex. Styles tagged in T-Bar and he along with his partner Mace cleared the ring both inside and outside with their immense power moves. T-Bar rocked Mustafa Ali with a vicious kick inside the ring and took care of the New Day and Mansoor as well.

As we returned from the commercial, Mansoor and T-Bar were in the ring with the former trying to tag one of his teammates on his corner. He kicked T-Bar on his face that rocked him and he moved unconsciously to his corner where Styles took the tag.

He tried preventing Mansoor from a tag but Mansoor somehow managed to tag in Woods and he simultaneously tagged Kofi for a combined move on AJ Styles. All the men excluding Omos went for back & forth moves of their own and finally, Omos took the tag from AJ Styles to close off the proceedings.

He held Ali in his big palms and threw him on the corner post. Ali’s teammates Kofi, Woods, and Mansoor held Omos’ legs and his neck respectively, but the big man overpowered everyone. He finished off with a double arm chokeslam on Ali.

WWE Raw Live Results: Omos pinned Mustafa Ali to earn a victory for his team.


Backstage: Charlotte Flair talks about how she will destroy Alexa Bliss and Lilly at Extreme Rules. Also, she dumps the doll “Charly” gifted to her by Alexa Bliss earlier tonight in the trash bin.



Rhea Ripley vs. Natalya: The match already started after the commercial. The two women were going back & forth with a side lock and leg lock around the neck. Both women were going back & forth with roll-up pins as well but none of them couldn’t really earn a pinfall.

Rhea Ripley hit Natalya with a big boot that saw then Queen of Hearts rolling outside the ring to gain some time. Natalya was attended by Tamina on the outside, but Ripley came rushing and hit a dropkick on Tamina before going down with a vicious discus clothesline from Natalya near the announce table.

The two women went inside the ring for a while before Natalya sent Rhea outside the ring on the other side and hit her with a snap suplex to head into the commercial break with momentum by her side.

As we returned from the commercial, Rhea was caught up in an abdominal stretch. Rhea somehow got away from it and hit a headbutt which completely rocked Natalya. The veteran however came up with some offense and bumped Rhea with her hip landing badly on the mat.

Both women were going back & forth with their moves before Nikki A.S.H arrived on the scene after nursing her injury backstage. Tamina tried going after Nikki but Rhea hit her with a sliding dropkick from the bottom rope. On the other side, Nikki pulled Natalya’s leg from the apron and she had a nasty face-first landing on the mat. In the closing moments, Rhea locked her opponent in submission to win the match.

WWE Raw Live Results: Rhea Ripley defeated Natalya via Pinfall



Tamina vs. Nikki A.S.H: Tamina just bashed into Nikki and threw her like a rag bag from one corner to the other. Nikki tried using her quickness and hit a dropkick on Tamina’s knee but the powerhouse flattened her with one vicious clothesline.

Tamina then rolled her arms around Nikki’s throat and tried to choke her, however, Nikki somehow got out of the lock but only to get placed with a heavy right hand that completely rocked the powerhouse.

Tamina missed a few offenses later on that gave Nikki the much-needed opening. Nikki bashed into Tamina on the corner and hit a few kicks on her thigh. In the closing moments, Nikki went on the top turnbuckle and placed a rocking DDT on an exhausted Tamina from the top to pick up a David & goliath victory.

WWE Raw Live Results: Nikki A.S.H pinned Tamina



Backstage: A brawl took place between Nikki A.S.H, Rhea Ripley, and the Women’s Tag-Team Champions Tamina & Natalya. Sonya Deville had to intervene to stop the brawl and announced that before Rhea vs. Natalya it would be Nikki A.S.H vs. Tamina.



United States Championship Open Challenge- Jeff Hardy vs. Damian Priest:  As Jeff Hardy arrived at the ring, Damian Priest who idolize Hard was seen appreciating his challenger as he was clapping for him. Even before the bell could have rung, Sheamus also made his way out and joined the commentary team.

The bell rang and both men started their offense. Both exchanged a few blows before escaping some quality offense of each other. Jeff Hardy flattened Priest on the outside of the ring by splashing him from the apron. Both returned to the ring and had a back & forth before Hardy was sent outside near the announce table and Priest splashed on his opponent before going for a staredown with Sheamus.

As we returned from the commercial, both men were on the top-turnbuckle and Damian Priest had a bad fall as the champ was smashed off a Jeff Hardy landing on the face. Hardy attempted a pinfall, but Priest kicked out at two.

The action continued, Hardy went for a quick roll-up pin and Priest kicked out yet again. The two men exchanged a few blows and had the better of each other. In the closing moments, Jeff Hardy went for a unique roll-up pin but Priest survived yet again and hit his finisher Reckoning to retain his title.

After the match got over, Sheamus rushed into the ring and put his hands on Damian Priest. He then hit a vicious Brogue Kick on Jeff Hardy. He then tried to hit a Brogue Kick on the champ as well, but Priest used Sheamus’ finishing maneuver on him.

WWE Raw Live Results: Damian Priest defeated Jeff Hardy via Pinfall.



Parking lot: Several Raw superstars including the new recruit Drake Maverick were seen chasing the 24/7 Champion Reggie.


Backstage: Big E reunited with his New Day brothers Xavier woods & Kofi Kingston. Big E asked Kofi Kingston if he would give him any advice ahead of the cash-in. Kingston said that he (Big E) doesn’t need any advice as he has all the abilities to become the face of WWE.



The Viking Raiders & Drew McIntyre vs. Jinder Mahal, Shanky & Veer: A 6-man tag-team match is upon us. The Viking Raiders teamed up with the Scottish Warrior Drew McIntyre to take on Veer, Shanky & Jinder Mahal.

Drew was the first one to arrive in the ring and even before The Viking Raiders could have arrived, Jinder, Veer & Shanky assaulted Drew McIntyre. The match finally started when Veer and Erick started off the proceedings.

Erick looked good for a while but he tagged in Drew McIntyre who changed the complexion of the match and took everything on himself. Jinder got the tag from the other side and Drew attacked Jinder mercilessly and ran through Shanky & Veer outside the ring. In the closing moments, Jinder tagged in Shanky but the latter couldn’t do anything as he was finished off by Drew McIntyre with a vicious Claymore.

WWE Raw Results and Highlights: Drew McIntyre pinned Shanky to register a win for his team.



Alexa Bliss arrives: After the match got over, Alexa Bliss arrived in the ring with a gift and offered it to Charlotte, The Champ first denied the gift but later accepted it. As soon as Charlotte accepted the gift, the WWE Universe started chanting “Open It.”

Charlotte opened the gift and it was none other than a doll named “Charly” impersonating “Lilly” and dressed like Charlotte Flair. Alexa Bliss further said that she wanted to give Charlotte to play with something once she loses the Raw Women’s Championship. This pissed Charlotte and she threw Charly right on the face of Alexa Bliss.

She said even a narcissist bitch like you deserves a gift. The two women exchanged a few words, before the war of words turned into action with Alexa Bliss standing tall with the Raw Women’s Title in her hand.


Charlotte Flair vs. Shayna Baszler: Shayna Baszler came out without Nia Jax and it was a bit off to see Baszler on her own. The match started off with the classic wrestling lock before Shayna send Charlotte to the corner. Charlotte escaped the bump on the corner post as went on the apron by tumbling from the top rope. Shayna then tried to bash into Charlotte on the apron but she tumbled outside and Charlotte splashed on her on the outside as we go into a commercial.

As we returned from the commercial, both the women were inside the ring. Charlotte won for a quick roll-up pin after missing a knee strike and bumping into the top turnbuckle. Shayna then attempted a sleeper hold but failed, however, she placed a picture-perfect German Suplex on the champion.

After exchanging a few strikes here and there inside the ring, Charlotte went on the top turnbuckle and jumped on Shayna with a reverse moonsault. After this exclamatory move, Nia Jax appeared on the ringside which distracted the champ who bumped in the steel stairs in an attempt to bash into a reeling Shayna Baszler as the latter escaped from harm’s way.

The action continued inside the ring after the commercial. Shayna put Charlotte with yet another German Suplex, while the Queen worked on Shayna’s left knee. However, Shayna still connected a knee on Shayna’s face on the corner.

After this, Nia Jax climbed the apron, and Shayna got distracted which gave Charlotte a chance to put Shayna through a big boot and earn a pinfall victory.

WWE Raw Live Results: Charlotte Flair defeated Shayna Baszler via Pinfall.



Big E Kicks off the show: Smackdown’s very own and Mr. Money in the Bank Big E kicked off the show.

As soon as Big E entered the ring, Raw Tag Team Champions Randy Orton & Riddle also came out to the ring, followed by the All-Mighty WWE Champion and his manager MVP.

Big E takes the mic and clears the air by saying that he would be cashing in his contract on the WWE Champion. Riddle, on the other hand, requests Big E to not cash in his contract on his best “Bro” Randy Orton.

MVP then starts off on the mic by telling Riddle that Big E won’t cash in on Randy because he is not going to win the title.

Randy Orton then exchanged a few words with both MVP & the All-Mighty WWE Champion, meanwhile Big E keep reminding the two competitors that he would cash in his contract tonight on the winner of the WWE Championship bout tonight.

Finally, the segment ended with Bobby Lashley sending the Money in the Bank contract away from his sight and Randy Orton hitting a vicious RKO on Lashley from nowhere. This was Randy’s third RKO in a row on the All-Mighty WWE Champion Bobby Lashley.