WWE Raw Results: Top 3 things that we have learnt from Raw July 7,2020 episode

WWE Raw Results: The latest episode of RAW was full of excitement, surprise, and curiosity. Monday Night RAW kicked off with WWE Raw Champion Drew McIntyre, who was waiting for Ziggler’s stipulation match announcement. McIntyre was shortly interrupted by Ziggler and his old partner from ‘3MB’ Heath Slater. Later on, the champion faced Slater in a one-on-one match and emerged victoriously.


Kevin Owens also marked his return to WWE. Moreover, Mysterio chose his stipulation match against Seth Rollins at The Horror Show: Extreme Rules. We have also got the confirmation of two more crucial matches that will happen in the horror show at Extreme Rules in this latest segment of RAW.


Top 3 things we have learnt after this latest episode of RAW


3) Apollo Crews vs MVP for United States Championship at Extreme Rules


After last week’s assault on Apollo Crews by Bobby Lashley and MVP which resulted in the champion getting injured. Later on, he lost the match against MVP. On this week’s episode of Raw, Crews was expected to be there to seek an answer from Lashley and MVP but he did not show up. This week’s RAW was full drama and surprise and MVP announced that he will face the United States Champion Apollo Crews at The Horror Show: Extreme Rules.


2) The surprise return of Kevin Owens


When everybody thought that WWE has failed to deliver the perfect show then on such occasions WWE has proved everybody wrong by bringing some interesting story on that. And this time surprising return of Kevin Owens and later on team up with Rey Mysterio to face off against Rollins and Murphy and defeated them in a nail-biting match. The return ahead of Horror show: Extreme Rules might have a deeper meaning. Who knows Kevin Owens and Dominick or Aleister Black will take on Seth Rollins Austin Theory and Murphy.


1) Rey Mysterio vs Seth Rollings Eye for an Eye match at The Horror Show: Extreme Rules


After the suspense of more than one month, finally, Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins set to face off each other at The Horror Show: Extreme Rules in a stipulation match. And this stipulation match will be ‘Eye for an Eye’ match which is decided by Rey Mysterio. And nobody has any idea what that stipulation is all about. But the best part of that these two superstars will try to do everything to put down each other to prove their dominance in WWE.