WWE Raw: Three moments that stood out from the rest this week on Monday Night Raw

WWE Raw: Three moments that stood out from the rest this week on Monday Night Raw
WWE Raw: Three moments that stood out from the rest this week on Monday Night Raw

WWE Raw: Tonight’s Monday Night WWE Raw was Sumeerslam’s fall-out episode. As expected, we witnessed some fresh feuds out of the blues, which definitely made it to the best three moments of the night. So without any further ado, let’s start this list containing the three moments that stood out from the rest.

WWE Raw: Alexa Bliss shows up as the next possible opponent for Charlotte Flair

The reigning 12-time Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair made her way to the ring tonight to celebrate her milestone achievement. After reclaiming the Raw Women’s title at WWE Summerslam, Charlotte Flair basked in the glory of her record title win and addressed the WWE Universe.

While she was addressing and claimed herself as the greatest women’s performer in WWE, Alexa Bliss, with her weird doll Lilly showed up. She stood on the entrance ramp and said, “Lilly and I just wanted to say hi!” The statement is enough to set this straight that Alexa Bliss is possibly the next opponent in line for Charlotte Flair’s Raw Women’s Championship.

WWE Raw: The Miz betrayed his best friend, John Morrison

The Miz has turned his back on John Morrison. The two former best friends will now face each other in a singles bout to flag off their rivalry. We saw this coming ever since John Morrison got upset from the Miz when the ladder faked his knee injury and didn’t tell Morrison about it.

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This week, The Miz got defeated by Xavier Woods due to an unwilling distraction from Morrison, which didn’t go well with the A-Lister, and he attacked his former best friend in an ambush after the match got over. The beating was fierce and it finally ended with Miz hitting a skull-crushing finale.

WWE Raw: Riddle gifted Randy Orton a Scooter

Riddle organized a celebration feast for his ‘Bro’ Randy Orton on the occasion of winning the Raw Tag Team titles at WWE Summerslam. Riddle was ecstatic to host the fest, meanwhile, Randy, who is not accustomed to celebrations and all, didn’t look too impressed.  

After revealing the new graphic for RK-Bro on the big screen, Riddle gifted Randy a scooter which left the Viper perplexed. He was stunned to see the gift and didn’t know how to react. Randy on a Scooter? No one can ever imagine this.

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