WWE Raw: Top 3 moments from Monday Night Raw! Check out

WWE Raw: Check out the top 3 moments from Monday Night Raw!
WWE Raw: Check out the top 3 moments from Monday Night Raw!

WWE Raw Monday Night Raw Results: Tonight’s Monday Night Raw or WWE Raw must have achieved high ratings on the viewership charts with the return of two legends in Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton. These two veterans were missed fondly by the WWE Universe, and having them back on the same night was a sight to behold. Here we have come up with three takeaways from the night. Let’s dive into it.

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WWE Raw Monday Night Raw Results: Randy Orton stuns Riddle with an RKO

After a seven-week hiatus, finally, the Apex Predator Randy Orton returned on Monday Night Raw. After opening the show tonight, Randy was booked in a match against AJ Styles. 

The match went pretty well for the Apex Predator until Omos tried to distract him. However, despite Randy warning Riddle to not interfere in his match earlier in a backstage segment, Riddle entered the scene and took care of Omos so that Randy cand finish off what he started with AJ.

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As the match ended with Randy triumphant, Riddle entered the ring and asked for a hug from Randy. He denied it and started walking off until Riddle pleaded to him again. Finally, Randy returned to the ring and hugged him, only to place an RKO to end the night.


WWE Raw Monday Night Raw Results: Charlotte Flair attacked Nikki A.S.H and Rhea Ripley

WWE Raw Women’s Champion Nikki A.S.H was booked for a match tonight against Rhea Ripley. Nikki was already wounded after her brutal No Holds Barred Match against Charlotte Flair last week but still squared off against Rhea Ripley this week.

The bout was going on pretty well until Charlotte Flair came and disqualified by brutally attacking both the competitors. She first placed a suplex on Nikki and then hit a Natural Selection on Rhea Ripley to stood tall in the ring with the Raw Women’s Championship raised up above her head.


WWE Raw Monday Night Raw Results: Bobby Lashley and MVP warned Goldberg ahead of WWE Summerslam

The All-Mighty WWE Champion Bobby Lashley along with MVP addressed the WWE Universe in a quest for a build-up of his quintessential match against Goldberg at WWE Summerslam.

MVP targeted Goldberg’s son Gage and asked him to tell his father that he shouldn’t show up at WWE Summerslam or else Bobby Lashley would end his career. The statement was loud and crystal clear from MVP. Once MVP was done talking, Bobby Lashley took the mic and said if Goldberg shows up at WWE Summerslam, he won’t be next, but he would be DONE.