WWE Rey Mysterio makes his RAW return against Seth Rollins in a destructive way

WWE RAW results: Rey Mysterio shocked everyone when he made his RAW return this week, following his eye injury which faced against Seth Rollins at Extreme Rules in “An eye for an eye” match.

Rey Mysterio was joined by his son Dominik Mysterio, who is all set to face Seth Rollins at Summerslam in a “Street Fight.” Rey Mysterio called out Seth Rollins to come and talk like a ‘Man’ and Rollins found it insulting, and moment later he and Murphy both marked their way to face both Rey and Dominik Mysterio.

However, Seth Rollins made a major mistake by mocking both father and son and Dominik and Rey Mysterio both took the charge against Seth Rollins by unleashing a pair of kendo stick strikes on him. Rollins got the treatment of his own move that he used against Dominik Mysterio last week on RAW by brutally assaulted him in the ring with striking a 30 kendo stick. But this time Rollins and Co. Murphy both became the victim of Rey and Dominik Mysterio’s anger.

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At one spot, Seth Rollins was tied between the ropes in the same way he and Murphy had tied Dominik a few weeks ago. In the end, however, both the Monday Night Messiah and disciple had to run away to save themselves.

It is going to be pure chaos when Seth Rollins faces Dominik Mysterio this Sunday at SummerSlam. With the return of Rey Mysterio now the entire scenario has been changed and momentum has been shifted towards father and son, and somehow we can say that at SummerSlam it would be an even battle from both the sides.

This fued is very personal for Rey and Dominik Mysterio as Seth Rollins throughout this rivalry trolled down Mysterio’s family and evoked Mysterio’s personal family matter into this. But now at SummerSlam Rey and Dominik Mysterio would be looking to settle their accounts with Rollins once for all.