WWE Royal Rumble 2021: Daniel Bryan says, “he is ready to make his entry into Rumble’s match”

WWE Daniel Bryan Royal Rumble entry: WWE Daniel Bryan WWE’s next pay-per-view event isn’t until the end of January. The company has a lot of room before the January 31st date for the Royal Rumble rolls around. They have a couple matches in mind, but anything can change at this point.

The company planned to hold Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan at TLC, but that match was changed. Vince McMahon moved that Universal Title match to the Royal Rumble event.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that WWE is also planning Bobby Lashley vs Riddle for the Royal Rumble. It’s unclear if WWE will be able to wait that long to hold those matches.

The next WWE PPV show is the Royal Rumble on 1/31, and there’s really no direction clear. At one point Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan and Bobby Lashley vs. Riddle were earmarked for the show, but when it comes to that far ahead, those things have probably changed a half dozen times by now.

WWE creative has an issue with pulling the trigger on matches before the really planned to hold them. The problem lies in the fact that they are not booking long term. Week to week booking sometimes leads to an issue where they show up and are asked what they have ready. This is why they decide to hold pay-per-view matches prior to the event. Let’s see if WWE will be able to hold out until January 31st for those two title matches.