WWE Rumor: John Cena Sr. Speaks out on the current role of Roman Reigns and his importance in WWE

Roman Reigns turned heel recently and has gone to great lengths to change his look and presentation in recent weeks. If you ask John Cena’s dad, it could have come much sooner.

The elder Cena, who has a history in the wrestling business as a manager, spoke with Boston Wrestling MWF recently and he was candid in his opinion on the booking of The Tribal Chief. He feels that Reigns had been booked improperly and his presentation is far better now that he’s getting rid of “The Shield BS.”

“The mistake they made with Roman was, ‘You don’t like roast beef but I’m gonna shove it down your throat anyway.’ What they should have done is kept him in a tweener role, where he could be either a nice guy or SOB depending on the day.”

“When he was in the Shield, he was just a part of a faction. The other two carried him, and I think even Reigns will admit that. Now, they’ve brought him to a point where he belongs. They got rid of that Shield BS and now he’s a terror.”

Cena’s opinion doesn’t differ much from the ways the fans felt about Roman Reigns’ babyface run and it’s hard to disagree that his new presentation is more compelling and fun to watch for his character with Paul Heyman. Cena Sr.’s interview can be found below.