WWE Rumors & News: WWE planning for another King of the Ring tournament? Check details!

WWE Rumors & News

WWE Rumors & News – WWE King of Ring : After the comments made by Adam Pearce, Xavier Woods & King Corbin on the latest episode of WWE’s The Bump, it seems like the WWE King of The Ring tournament might be making its way back.

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WWE Rumors & News: King Corbin appeared as the guest on WWE’s The Bump hosted by Kayla Braxton, where he discussed his preparations to face Shinsuke Nakamura this coming week on WWE Smackdown. Amid the interview, Kayla told Corbin how Xavier Woods is willing to become the King of the Ring, something he has talked about as a career goal for a long time. 

Corbin was asked if for the first time he fears being dethroned from his crown. He said, 

“No, I think that everybody is kind of had their eye on it, just like people do with championship titles.”

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Corbin further added,

“They want an opportunity at that, they want a chance, they want to earn it, they want to own it, and I think that’s what the crowd does to people, and then you have people that are cowards, like Shinsuke, that want to steal it, but at least Xavier Woods wants to earn an opportunity to wear the crown. I think that’s important to him, to his career, and I am happy to make it a disappointment, a regret in his long career that he will have, that he came up short in a tournament that he cares so dearly about.”

WWE Rumors & News – WWE King of Ring: Adam Pearce later responded to Corbin’s interview!

WWE Rumors & News – WWE King of Ring : WWE Official Adam Pearce later responded to Corbin’s interview and his take on the greatness of the King of the Ring tournament. He said that he has had many conversations with Corbin regarding this topic and asked him to stay tuned regarding this topic.

Later, a fan on Twitter mentioned how Pearce suggested that a King of The Ring tournament might be in the works. However, Pearce ousted those comments. 

Xavier Woods, who is eyeing the Crown, responded to the initial response of Pearce and mentioned how he is looking forward for the King of the Ring tournament to return. Especially when he did not get his intergender match against Reckoning, of the now-defunct Retribution stable. Here is what Woods wrote,

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“Since I couldn’t get my logical match against reckoning it would be greeeaaaatttttt if we could get this one right. GIVE ME A #KOTR TOURNAMENT. please and thank you, sir.” 

WWE Rumors & News – WWE King of Ring: In Woods’ response, Pearce wrote,

“Should a #KOTR Tournament come to pass, it wouldn’t just be for you. It’d be for us all, my friend.”

WWE Rumors & News: The conversation between Woods and Pearce indicates that the King of the Ring tournament could be in the works, and we could finally get a new king after king Corbin.