WWE Rumour: Has Aleister Black failed to impress Vince McMahon? Here what we know so far

WWE Rumour : Aleister Black’s main roster run leaves a lot to be desired. The former NXT Champion was brought to RAW with the hope that he would become one of the major players on the Red brand. However, it’s been more than a year, and Black has not managed to gather any considerable amount of momentum as a top guy.

Black suffered a crushing loss to Seth Rollins on the most recent episode of RAW, and he was also attacked after the match by the Monday Night Messiah and Murphy.

Murphy and Rollins attacked Black’s arm during the post-match injury angle, and it seems like it may have been booked to write him off TV for a while.

Dave Meltzer stated in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that he couldn’t understand the reasoning behind booking Aleister Black to take the loss. It was added, however, that the Dutch Superstar was never going to be pushed to the top spot following Paul Heyman’s ouster from the Executive Director’s role on RAW.

Vince McMahon’s reported perception of Aleister Black


WrestlingNews.co also cited an older report of theirs, which stated that Vince McMahon was never a fan of Black, but the WWE boss was willing to wait and see whether Heyman could turn Black into a top-tier Superstar.

It was added that others in the WWE feel Aleister Black has all the essential tools and skills to become the top guy.Aleister Black was one of Paul Heyman’s projects, and as it reported by Sportskeeda’s Dropkick DiSKussions podcast, Tom Colohue also had a disconcerting update about the Superstar’s future in the WWE.

Sportskeeda’s Tom Colohue provided a detailed explanation regarding Aleister Black falling down the pecking order:

“It was definitely a big defeat to take even though it was like to a big name like Seth Rollins. He was slightly protected because of the interference from Buddy Murphy. Things have really changed in the last couple of weeks for Aleister Black. Now Paul Heyman definitely loved him, and Aleister Black was really the headline of the show for him. Every week, he would be having a half an hour match in the opening minutes.”

“To my knowledge, it is Vince McMahon who has mixed opinions shall we say. Vince added that creek to the entrance when he leverages up, and now he has removed the entrance all together. We haven’t seen the Aleister Black entrance in a long time. To put it bluntly, Vince thinks that there’s something missing about Aleister Black. It’s similar to how he feels about Cesaro. Keep an eye on this one because we all know how that went.”