WWE Smackdown: Charlotte Flair ripped apart Roman Reigns’ “Moving the needle” comments. Check here what she said

WWE Smackdown: Charlotte Flair ripped apart Roman Reigns'
WWE Smackdown: Charlotte Flair ripped apart Roman Reigns' "Moving the needle" comments. Check here what she said

WWE Smackdown- Charlotte slammed Roman Reigns: Universal Champion Roman Reigns is on the top of his game. He has been ruling WWE Smackdown for over a year now and seems untouchable. Recently made a comment on how he is “moving the needle” in the company after he headlined Summerslam on August 21 that become the highest crossing Summerslam in the history of the company. Roman’s post stirred controversy, and many in the company raised their eyebrows, including Raw Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair. 

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WWE Smackdown: Charlotte Flair shuts Roman’s claims and says she is on a different level

The Raw Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair spoke to Steven Muelhausen of DAZN News, where she gave her views on the Tribal Chief’s “Legitimate Needle Moving” comment. The Queen said, 

“I’m pretty sure everyone was on their feet when I won for the 12th time. Roman has had an incredible year. There are levels to this, but I’m on a different level myself.”

In the buzz of John Cena vs. Roman Reigns at Summerslam, Charlotte’s Raw Women’s Championship triumph was somewhat faded away. Charlotte defeated Rhea Ripley and the defending champion Nikki A.S.H to become a record 12-time Women’s Champion.

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WWE Smackdown: Charlotte also pointed how this year’s Summerslam was better than Wrestlemania 37

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, WWE conducted Wrestlemania 37 at the Raymond James Stadium with 50% attendance on both nights of the PPV event. The Queen expressed her views on the fact that how WWE went ahead with their plans to make Summerslam the biggest event of this year and how she was blessed to play a major role at the PPV event. She said,

“It still hasn’t hit me that it’s already happened. I felt like SummerSlam this year was my WrestleMania, so just the build to it, the work that myself and everyone put into it, and having these live events leading up to it since we’ve had COVID, we haven’t been on the road like that.”

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WWE Smackdown: What’s next for Charlotte Flair?

Extreme Rules PPV seems to be the next pit stop for Charlotte Flair to defend her title. As of now, it seems like either Alexa Bliss or Nia Jax will challenge her for the title.