WWE Smackdown Prediction July 18, 2020: Top 5 WWE superstars to watch out for in this week’s SmackDown Live

WWE Smackdown Predictions: This week’s Friday Night SmackDown will be the last episode before the Horror Show at Extreme Rules. Thus, we can expect it to reveal the remaining matches that will take place at upcoming WWE PPV. While we eagerly wait for the July 18, 2020 episode, WWE has confirmed a few matches which will take place this week.

First off is the main event for the Intercontinental Championship. AJ Styles will put his title on the line when he faces the newcomer Matt Riddle who is looking to make a name for himself amongst the WWE’s best. Another segment which has been confirmed is Alexa Bliss’ talk show “A moment of bliss”. The superstar has promised the WWE Universe that she has a mystery guest for her chat show.

While these two events are expected to be standout, there are many superstars who can steal the show. So, here are the top five WWE superstars who we expect will be the showstoppers this week on Smackdown.

WWE Smackdown Prediction: Alexa Bliss 


The “bliss” has promised that there will be a mystery guest in this week’s SmackDown Live with her on “A moment of bliss”. And there are changes her special guest would be the Current SmackDown Women’s Tag Team Champions Sasha Banks & Bayley. As both the Champions have their respective matches at Extreme Rules and Bliss might questions them about their strategy for Extreme Rules against their opponents. And moreover, the things depend on Champions how they react on that.

WWE Smackdown Prediction: The New Day 

This week on SmackDown Live all eyes will be current SmackDown tag team champions the New Day how will they riposte on last week’s brutal assault by the team of Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura. The champions defended their championship last week on SmackDown Live against their opponents Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura, but that match did not last too long. As before the official start of their match, the four went into a little dogfight which later turned into the destructive one. And the challengers took them for a little ride by slamming the champions on the tables and ended the show in a questionable way.

And this week’s SmackDown Live is going to be interesting whether the champions accept the stipulation match as tables match at the Extreme Rules to defend their titles against Nakamura & Cesaro or not.

WWE Smackdown Prediction: Jeff Hardy 

After last week’s victory over the Miz on SmackDown in a one on one match, Jeff Hardy will be riding high on confidence. And there are chances this week on SmackDown Live Jeff Hardy finally challenge ‘the Celtic Warrior’ Sheamus for a rematch at Extreme Rules. If Sheamus accepts this challenge of Jeff Hardy then, this would a stipulation match and the stipulation to be a ‘Bar fight match’. And with this win over Sheamus at Extreme Rules Hardy would end his rivalry with Sheamus.

WWE Smackdown Prediction: Matt Riddle 

He will be facing the Current Intercontinental Champion AJ Styles this week on Friday Night SmackDown Live for his Intercontinental Championship match. Riddle is getting a lot of push in WWE ever since his debut to the Smackdown main roster last month. And this could be the biggest opportunity for him to prove his dominance on the blue brand by conquering AJ Styles’ Intercontinental Championship. This will be the main event before the Extreme Rules where the Champion once again will be the favourite to retain his title.


WWE Smackdown Prediction: AJ Styles 


The most consistent performer in WWE for the last couple of years, the current Intercontinental Champion AJ Styles will be in action this week on SmackDown. Styles will be in the ring to defend his Intercontinental Championship against Matt Riddle, who already shocked him in a non-title match where he defeated the Styles. ‘The Phenomenal One’ is likely to retain his championship again this week on SmackDown, but taking Matt Riddle in a readily will be a mistake which Styles does not like to do again. And this week Styles will try to prove the WWE Universe why he is called ‘the Phenomenal One’ and with a win on Matt Riddle.