WWE Smackdown Predictions: 5 superstars who can be headline-grabbers ahead of SummerSlam in this Thunderdome night

WWE SmackDown Live: AJ Styles will defend his Intercontinental Championship against Jeff Hardy, Big E will set up against Sheamus, Braun Strowman has to deliver final message, Tag Team Championships will be on the stake, and many more tremendous segments will take place this week on SmackDown Live.

It is a go – home episode for SmackDown Live ahead of SummerSlam. However, this week’s blue brand is set to conduct from Amway Center, Orlando after the five months of COVID-19 pandemic halt.

Moreover, WWE fans will illustrate something exciting first time in these five months when WWE ThunderDome also unveil its curtain this week on SmackDown Live.

Nevertheless, let us check out the top 5 superstars who can be headline-grabbers this week on SmackDown ahead of SummerSlam.

5). WWE Smackdown Preview: Big E

Big E is all set to meet his new opponent this week on SmackDown Live. After defeating The Miz and John Morrison in a singles competition on SmackDown Live, now, Big E will clash against Sheamus this week on Friday Night SmackDown Live.

Big E is having an impressive run in his singles competition and he also wants to continue it in some fashion to set his eyes on championship opportunity. However, there is a roadblock ahead of Big E as he will face ‘the Celtic Warrior’ Sheamus this week, who has already messed up things last week on SmackDown against Shorty G and this week he will look to do the same against Big E.

Can Big E keep his dream alive against Sheamus? Or will The Celtic Warrior have his opponent rethinking his decision to go it alone?

4). WWE Smackdown Preview: Lucha House Party

The current SmackDown Tag Team Champions Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura will defend their Tag Team titles against Lucha House Party this week on SmackDown just before a couple of days at SummerSlam. This match is going to be full of chaos when these two teams will be in the ring this week on SmackDown Live for the championship match. This week’s Friday is also set to take place on the new venue at Amway Center, Orlando. It is also exciting to know this week’s SmackDown Live will unveil the immense concept of WWE “ThunderDome” which will begin with championship match.

Will Lucha House Party finally get their hands on the titles? Or will Nakamura & Cesaro be toasting another victory?

3). WWE Smackdown Preview: Braun Strowman

It was Braun Strowman who finally brought his inner darkness last week on SmackDown Live. Alexa Bliss became the victim of Strowman’s first face of fear when he raised Bliss above his head until finally enticing a response from Wyatt.

Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see what Braun Strowman has to say this week on blue brand ahead of his catastrophic match at SummerSlam. But only thing for sure we may witness the little demo of SummerSlam this week when these two “monsters” will be in the ring at the same time.

With SummerSlam just days away, who will find themselves in Strowman’s path of destruction this week?

2). WWE Smackdown Preview: RETRIBUTION

It is almost two weeks since RETRIBUTION is bringing chaos in WWE and they may do the same ahead of SummerSlam. As it noted earlier they can also annihilate the things this week on Smackdown’s special episode which will unveil ThunderDome. RETRIBUTION has already damaged more of WWE’s property and production team at backstage last week on RAW. It seems like they have destructive plans for this week’s SmackDown Live and may assault whoever comes under their way.

This is not the ending for them according to some reports, they may also intervene in some matches at SummerSlam. But first we have to cross the bar this week on SmackDown.

1). WWE Smackdown Preview: AJ Styles

A major championship match has been announced for this week’s SmackDown Live. The current Intercontinental Championship AJ Styles will defend his precious Intercontinental Championship against Jeff Hardy this week on SmackDown Live. This could be a thunderous match before WWE’s next biggest event SummerSlam, however, AJ Styles has already successfully defended his Intercontinental Championship against the likes Drew Gulak, Matt Riddle, and recently against Gran Metalik on SmackDown Live.

So, it will interesting to see whether Styles will successfully defend his Championship against Hardy or Hardy will add one more championship in his account. All this will happen on WWE ThunderDome.