WWE Smackdown results and highlights: Intercontinental Championship between AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy

WWE SmackDown results: It was one of the most awaited match of the night when Jeff Hardy took on AJ Styles for his Intercontinental Championship on this highly immense concept of ThunderDome.

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It was a chaos match and both these belligerents tried everything to beat each other. AJ Styles initially started this match having a momentum on his side. However, Jeff Hardy later came out strong to beat AJ Styles for his Intercontinental Championship.

During the earlier battle with Retribution, Styles stomped Hardy’s knee from behind, injuring him heading into the match. Hardy, limping badly through the match, gook advantage of every early opportunity before tossing Styles over the top rope where the champion slipped to the floor. Styles then drove Hardy’s knee into the apron to take back over. Hardy continued fighting back, but when he tried to leap to the top rope, he stumbled and fell to the mat because of the bad knee. Styles tried to take advantage with a Phenomenal Forearm, but Hardy countered with a punch to the gut. Styles was able to lock up a calf crusher moments later, but Hardy reached the bottom rope.

Hardy countered a Styles Clash with a kick that actually struck Styles with a knee brace. A Twist of Fate and a Swanton Bomb later, Hardy won the championship. The wrestling and storytelling here were great, with Hardy battling against the odds and picking up the controversial win to keep the issues between the two going. The in-ring work through the whole show stayed at a high level from the opening match between Big E and Sheamus through this title change.

Nevertheless, it would be interesting to see whether AJ Styles gets his Championship rematch at SummerSlam or he has to wait till Payback. However, this is a time for Hardy to celebrate his fifth Intercontinental Championship victory.