WWE Smackdown results and recap of AJ Styles vs Gran Metalik Intercontinental Championship match this week

WWE Smackdown results: The opening contest of the latest episode of SmackDown Live took place between AJ Styles and Gran Metalik for the Intercontinental Championship. It was the exciting contest between these two belligerent who did their best to get the glory.



It was a flabbergasting match where both the superstars battled out for almost twenty minutes in this opening whiz-bang encounter. However, it was the champion AJ Styles who emerged victorious over Gran Metalik by hitting him Styles Clash and retained his Championship. AJ Styles has retained his Intercontinental Championship successfully in last three occasions where he defended his title against the likes of Drew Gulak, Matt Riddle, and most recently against Gran Metalik in this latest episode of SmackDown Live.


Now there are chance that AJ Styles will get the challenge from Big E for defending his Intercontinental Championship against him next week on SmackDown Live. According to WWE rumours this is a perfect setup for Big E to get a championship match at SummerSlam if not next week on SmackDown Live. Since Big E has not got much opportunity to battle out in a singles competition and show his calibre. Big E will ready to face off against ‘the Phenomenal One’ if he gets this opportunity.



WWE Universe would also like to see the battle of these two agonistic in near future, and in the absence of Daniel Bryan, Big E seems to be the perfect opponent to challenge AJ Styles. Now it all depends on WWE how they will like to proceed with this storyline of Big E and AJ Styles.