WWE Smackdown Results and Highlights: John Cena brutally roasted Roman Reigns in the face-to-face segment, King Nakamura is now the New Intercontinental Champion

WWE Smackdown Results and Highlights: John Cena brutally roasted Roman Reigns in the face-to-face segment, Check out the big highlights
WWE Smackdown Results and Highlights: John Cena brutally roasted Roman Reigns in the face-to-face segment, Check out the big highlights

WWE Smackdown – Smackdown Results and Highlights: Check out the big highlights and what happened on WWE Friday Night Smackdown Episode on Aug 14th: We are here with WWE Smackdown Results for August 14 (August 13 in the United States), live blog, and live streaming details. Tonight’s Friday Night Smackdown is taking place at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Let’s check the WWE Smackdown Results.

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Events of the night

  • John Cena kicks off the show for a face-to-face segment with Roman Reigns
  • Intercontinental Champion- Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Apollo Crews
  • The Alpha Academy vs. The Street Profits
  • Seth Rollins in the ring
  • Dominik & Rey Myetsrio vs. Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode
  • Baron Corbin’s Last Plea
  • Baron Corbin vs. Kevin Owens
  • Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair Contract Signing

WWE Smackdown – Smackdown Results and Highlights: Check out the big highlights

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WWE Smackdown Results and Highlights

Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair Contract Signing- The two women were called to the ring by Sonya Deville who was conducting the contract signing segment. The two women were lashing out at each other running their mouths. Sonya, however, bashed the two ladies down and said “these contract signings have been going haywire and I don’t want this to happen. Just sign the contract and get going.”

Banks before signing the contract said that she wants some witnesses and Carmella & Zelina Vega came out. Sasha then signed the contract followed by Bianca Belair.

After the contract signing was done, Carmella, Zelina Vega and Sasha Banks assaulted Bianca Belair and beat the hell out of her. The night ended with Sasha pulling off the Bank Statement on Belair right at the top of the table inside the ring.



Backstage- A distraught Baron Corbin was approached by Kayla Braxton for an Interview where she asked him “What now?” Corbin didn’t utter a word but ran towards Big E and stole his Money in the Bank contract.



Baron Corbin vs. Kevin Owens- Corbin tried acting smart by going for a rollup pin after distracting both referee and Owens, but couldn’t succeed. Kevin then took control and started his offense.

He hit a superkick followed by a Cannon Ball that just rocked Corbin. Kevin then went to the top turnbuckle for a frog splash but Corbin stood up and held Kevin from his neck before sending him outside the ring with a strong right fist. After exchanging some strikes, both men were on the ring apron and tried to lift each other. Ultimately Corbin succeded and planted Owens with a backdrop. Owens was in the back seat now and reeling with pain.

After the commercial, the two men were inside the ring. Kevin went to the top rope and planted a Swanton. The impact of the Swanton was too good but not good enough for a 3-count. Corbin recovered quickly to hit Owens with a Chokeslam and after a while hit him with a deep six but only to get denied for a 3-count yet again.

In the closing moments, Owens tried hitting the Stunner to put an exclamation mark on the match, but instead, Owens got a roll-up pin to pick up a victory.

WWE Smackdown Results: Kevin Owens defeated Baron Corbin via Pinfall



Baron Corbin’s Last Plea- Baron Corbin is in the ring and revealed that he is down with everything and he might file for bankruptcy now. For the last time, he asked the WWE universe to help him by contributing 1000 Dollars per head. As he was speaking, Kevin Owens music hit and came out the former Universal Champion.

Kevin Owens straight into the face of Baron Corbin and said that you should stop all this crap and stop this begging thing. He said, “last Monday you went to WWE Raw and asked Drew McIntyre for $100,000, I mean who begs for a hundred thousand dollars.” Corbin then asked Owens for 1000 dollars and he agreed to his plea but with one condition and that is, he will have to beat Owens tonight, but if he losses he will stop embarrassing WWE by begging people for money. The segment ended with Owens hitting a Stunner on Corbin. The match is next.



Dominik & Rey Mysterio vs. Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode- Roode and Rey started off the proceedings with Roode having the upper hand early, Roode was quick to tag Ziggler who splashed in Rey at the corner followed by a running knee to his head.

Rey desperately needed an opening and he got it by dropkicking Ziggler from the top turnbuckle and tagging in his son Dominik. The Junior Mysterio took control soon and set Ziggler on the middle rope for a 619. Just when Dominik was about to hit the ultimate 619, The Usos appeared on the big screen and tried distracting Dominik with trash talks.

Rey warned Dominik to stay focused and don’t listen to the Usos. Dominik listened to his father, meanwhile, Roode tagged himself in only to get rolled up for a pin by Dominik to pick up a victory.

WWE Smackdown Results: Dominik pinned Robert Roode to pick up a win for The Mysterio’s



Seth Rollins in the ring- A cheerful Seth Rollins was in the ring and told the WWE Universe that Edge is not here in the building tonight. When the crowd gets to know this, they started chanting “We want Edge.”

Seth then said that Edge can’t stand the fact that his career is not as good as mine, and then Seth asked to roll up a video footage on the big screen to remind the people what his career looks like.

After the video got over, Seth reminded the people that they should thank him to have Edge back in WWE because if he would have stomped him 7 years back in 2014, then they could never witness this Dream Match between Edge and Seth Rollins.

Seth then ended the segment by saying “Edge it’s not 2014 anymore. Times have changed. At SummerSlam, I will not hesitate and I will not hold back. I will stomp your head into this mat. If that puts you out for good, then so be it!”



Alpha Academy vs. The Street Profits- Montez Ford and Chad Gable started the proceedings. Chad started working on the right shoulder and arm of Ford, but Ford was quick to get out of harm’s way with the offense of his own.

Both men gave tags to their respective partners and Otis & Dawkins were in the ring now. Otis first body slammed Ford before he went to the corner and then back slammed Angelo Dawkins over his head.

In the closing moments of the math, the referee created some confusion within Alpha Academy and Chad was the legal man. He was pushed from behind by Dawkins and he bumped into Otis who was at the apron. Montez Ford then dived outside the ring to take Otis out of the equation, meanwhile, Dawkins hit his finished to Chad and picked up a victory for his team.

WWE Smackdown Results: Angelo Dawkins pinned Chad Gable to pick up a victory for Alpha Academy.



Intercontinental Champion- Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Apollo Crews- King Nakamura started off pretty well with a knee to face but a slight distraction from Commander Azeez helped Apollo take control.

Crews started working on Nakamura’s abdomen. However, Nakamura was not in any mood to get down for good. After some time Rick Boogs started playing his guitar on the ring apron to distract Apollo.

This led the referee to send Rick Boogs to the back and the live crowd at Tulsa booed. The referee also sent Commander Azeez to the back and now the crowd at Tulsa cheered. The two men are now officially one on one without their sidekicks.

After the commercial, Crews came up with a Superplex from the top turnbuckle and Nakamura had a dirty landing. Crews then took Nakamura up for two powerbombs and went for a cover, but the King kicked out at 2-count.

Apollo had two near falls on King Nakamura, but the champ was restrained from a victory. In the closing moments, Nakamura went for a suplex and then hit Apollo with a Kinshasa to pick up a victory 1,2,3 to become the Intercontinental Champion for the second time. Nakamura celebrates his victory with Rick Boogs who was back in the middle and Pat McAfee.

WWE Smackdown Results: Shinsuke Nakamura defeats Apollo Crews via Pinfall



In the ring- John Cena kicks off the night. Cena says that schools have reopened and now it is time to give Roman Reigns his report card. He says that Roman you should get a ‘D’ grade, D for disappointment because for the last 10 years WWE has been selling you but you have been a big disappointment. Cena further added by saying Roman I will give you an ‘F’ at WWE Summerslam.

As Cena was cheering the crowd, Roman Reigns walked out. It’s a very slow walk as Roman takes ages to reach the ring. John Cena introduces Roman Reigns to the crowd and says thanks for joining us. Roman was straightforward and said don’t waste my time and let’s get straight to the work.

Cena says that Roman you have been pushed for the last decade. You walk here as if this is your show, your company and you think everything here goes around with you. Cena said that you know and we all know that this company is run by these people (signaling towards the WWE Universe)

Roman Reigns was completely buried by John Cena’s word. Roman was on the mic now and said that he respects John Cena for whatever he has achieved in his career for the last 20 years. He talked trash about John Cena and even mentioned Nikki Bella and how she and John Cena had a breakup.

John Cena was quick to understand that Roman was trying to get into his head. John Cena replied that he is going to embarrass him at Summerslam and that would shut down the number of pushes he has got here in the past 10 years and still he has been nothing but a failure.

John Cena mentioned Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose and said that Roman took their opportunity, their spotlight and now Dean isn’t even in WWE. The segment was lit and it finally ended with a mic drop from John Cena and Roman couldn’t do anything about it.