WWE Smackdown Results: From the mysterious “Red Light” to Edge’s rescue act. Here are the 3 best moments from the show

WWE Smackdown Results: From the mysterious
WWE Smackdown Results: From the mysterious "Red Light" to Edge's rescue act. Here are the 3 best moments from the show

WWE Smackdown Results: Tonight’s WWE Smackdown saw Roman reigns retaining his Universal Championship by defeating Finn Balor in the main event. The WWE Smackdown Results were complacent to some extent, but we have come up with the three best moments from the night. So, let us delve into these moments.

WWE Smackdown Results: Edge came out to the rescue of Cesaro

Just when Edge thought that everything was over between him & Seth Rollins, and the latter might move on now, the Visionary brutally ambushed an attack on the Swiss Superman Cesaro.

The two men were involved in a singles match tonight until Seth Rollins deliberately disqualified the bout to assault Cesaro for good. After the referee called the bell for disqualification, Seth Rollins grabbed a chair and snapped it on his back, outside the ring.

He then rolled Cesaro inside and mocked Edge by using his steel rod crippler cross-face submission on Cesaro. He screamed Edge to come out, and finally, the Rated-R Superstar came out rushing with a Steel Chair in his hand to rescue Cesaro from the brutal ambush of Seth Rollins.

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WWE Smackdown Results: The Street Profits assaulted The Usos

Tonight’s show kicked off with The Street profits going against The Usos. The match ended in disqualification as the referee had to call the match when the four men got involved in a brawl.

The brawl got intense, and the two teams went to the ringside near the announce table. Finally, The Street Profits had the upper hand as they dominated The Usos in the brawl and left them pounded on the floor near the announce table.

WWE Smackdown Results: The mysterious “Red Light” to end the show

Tonight’s main event saw Roman Reigns defeating an already beaten Fin Balor to retain the Universal Championship. The Usos ambushed Balor before the match even started by hitting the steel stair twice into his abdomen. This made Balor vulnerable, but despite the beating, he put up a great fight before going down.

After the match got over and while Roman Reigns was heading back with Paul Heyman, a mysterious Red Light splashed in the arena that left everyone buzzing- What was it? Could it be a sign for the “Demon” Finn Balor return? Or maybe something else? We may get the answers next week in the Madison Square Garden edition of WWE Smackdown.

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