WWE Smackdown Results & Highlights 04th December 2020: Roman Reigns’ TLC opponent confirmed, Sasha Banks vs Carmella, Big E gets new music theme and more, Check out full results

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Tonight’s show will continue the build towards WWE TLC later this month, and the marquee bout tonight will see Roman Reigns and Jey Uso teaming-up to take on Kevin Owens and Otis. It’s unclear how Otis fits into this budding feud but Roman and Jey will be out for revenge after Owens’ attack on Jey last week.

As far as the rest of tonight’s show goes, Murphy will face Baron Corbin after the two seemingly kick-started a rivalry last week, and WWE is teasing further tension between the Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn and potential challenger, Big E. Unfortunately that’s all we know about this week’s SmackDown as of now, which is becoming a weekly tradition.

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Tonight’s SmackDown opens with an in memoriam for the legendary Pat Patterson, along with every member of the roster and staff standing on the stage to pay tribute. Michael Cole welcomes us to the show and says tonight we pay tribute to Patterson, a man who inspired and touched everyone around him. Patterson gets the ten bell salute.

After the theme, Kayla Braxton is in the ring and her guest is Roman Reigns, whom she introduces with a long list of accolades. Reigns, Jey Uso, and Paul Heyman make their way to the ring.

Roman says to Kayla that she missed a part of his introduction, that he is the reigning, defending WWE Universal Champion and the tribal chief. Kayla apologises then asks him what happened last week with Jey and Kevin Owens, and if he fears Owens. Roman laughs and says this interview is the most relevant Kayla has and ever will be. And yet she comes in and asks him a stupid question. He refuses to answer.

Kayla then asks is Roman using Jey as a pawn? Roman says he is not a manipulator, he is a provider. He’s the head of the table. His cousin Jey is one half of the best tag team of our generation but what has he done since? Roman says he provides Jey with opportunities to grow and then tells Heyman to deal with Braxton. Heyman tells Kayla that SmackDown has been surging in ratings because of Jey Uso and how Roman has elevated him.

Paul is quickly interrupted by Kevin Owens. Owens says he made it clear last week that he doesn’t fear Reigns, and if Roman doesn’t fear him then why wait to later tonight? Owens comes face-to-face with Roman and holds his arms out but Jey grabs a microphone and tells Owens they run the show. Owens says he wasn’t talking to the bus boy, he was talking to the head of the table. Owens says if Roman doesn’t want to do it now, then TLC? And how about make it a TLC match? He’d love that, or they could do it right now.

Roman says Owens would love to go right now because that would make Owens more relevant than ever. But he’s smarter than that and so is Jey. They accept because they’re afraid of nobody. But there is a time and place for everything and he’s no savage. There’s a lady in the ring, so he won’t do it right now. Roman tells Owens to grow up and leaves with his cohorts. As he’s leaving, Owens says he wants Roman to know that he’ll grow up when Reigns grows some balls because it’s clear to everyone right now that he’s just a bitch. Roman smiles and continues walking backstage.

Later tonight we will see a Pat Patterson tribute tag team match. Bayley makes her way to the ring, where she will be in action after the break.

Jey is backstage with Roman, trying to justify his actions in accepting on behalf of him. Roman says it’s fine but he knows there are consequences for everything and pats Jey on the shoulder.


Bianca Belair is on commentary for this match and it starts with a lock-up. Bayley takes the wrist of Natalya and climbs through the ropes, then back inside to twist her arm in the ropes, then batters her with forearms. Bayley hits a stunner over the ropes that drops Nattie to the floor, then Bayley talks trash to Bianca Belair. On the outside Bayley hits a running dropkick through the corner ropes to Natalya, then talks more trash to Belair. This time Nattie throws her into the steel steps as we head to the break.

Back live and Bayley is back in control of Natalya. Bayley looks to apply a Sharpshooter but Nattie kicks her off. Bayley fires right back with a running knee, then hits a clothesline and Natalya rolls to the corner. Nattie attempts to roll Bayley up but gets kicked face-first into the turnbuckles. Natalya then avoids a running knee in the corner and Natalya applies a Sharpshooter and Bayley quickly taps.


Bianca Belair gets up to mock and laugh at Bayley, who makes wild swings for her from the apron.

Still to come, Jey Uso and Roman Reigns Vs. Kevin Owens and Otis, and a Pat Patterson tag team tribute match. After the break we’ll be taking a special look at Patterson’s career.

We see Tweets from WWE Superstars saying goodbye to Pat Patterson, then the incredible Frank Sinatra ‘My Way’ tribute video plays.

It’s time for the tribute tag team match and out comes Daniel Bryan, Big E, and Rey Mysterio. Interestingly, Big E has his old music back and rubbed his hands in weight-lifting chalk during his entrance, the way he used to. This match is up next!


We start the match with Mysterio and Nakamura and they make to lock-up but Shinsuke kicks him. Rey grabs the back but Nakamura elbows him and hits a shoulder tackle. Rey fires back with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors, then tags Big E. Nakamura backs up and tags Dolph, and he comes in against his old pal and takes the back. Big E grinds against Dolph and breaks free, then slams him down.

Daniel Bryan tags in and hits an axe handle to Dolph from the top rope. Bryan targets the arm of Ziggler and bends it behind him. Ziggler shoots him off but Bryan shoulder tackles him. Bryan then hits the ropes but Zayn pulls his foot and Dolph takes the opportunity to hit him. Ziggler whips Bryan to the corner but he flips over Dolph, ducks a clothesline, hits a suicide dive to Zayn, then jumps up on the apron and knocks Nakamura off and goes up top but Ziggler dropkicks him and he falls to the floor as we head to the break.

Back live and Ziggler is beating Bryan down in the corner. Bryan starts fighting free, knocking both Zayn and Nakamura down on the apron, then hits the ropes and he and Dolph hit stereo crossbodies and both men are down. Tags are made to Big E and Nakamura, and Shinsuke gets hit with repeated overhead suplexes. Big E dances over Nakamura before hitting the big splash, then claps his hands.

Nakamura catches Big E with an enziguiri, then runs at him in the corner but gets caught with a urinage for a two-count. Big E looks to spear Dolph through the ropes but gets kicked back. Zayn tags in and he tosses Big E shoulder-first into the ring post. Mysterio tags himself in and hits a sunset flip to Zayn for a near-fall. Mysterio hits a flurry of offence but Zayn catches him with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a near-fall.

Ziggler and Bryan tag in and D-Bry dropkicks Dolph into the corner, then delivers repeated chest kicks. Bryan puts Ziggler up top and hits a hurricanrana but Dolph counters with a pinfall for two. Bryan and Dolph trade pinfall attempts, then Bryan delivers the Yes Kicks to the chest and back. Ziggler ducks the final kick and hits a Fame-Asser but Big E breaks the pin attempt.

Nakamura runs in and kicks Big E out of the ring, then Mysterio hits a springboard seated senton to Nakamura. Mysterio dives at Sami Zayn but gets grabbed and thrown into the barricade. Zayn tags himself in but Bryan didn’t see and he hits Dolph with the running knee. Bryan goes for the cover but Zayn runs in and rolls him up…but Bryan reverses into the LeBell Lock. Zayn fights and crawls to the bottom rope. Zayn catches Bryan with a dropkick and a brainbuster for a near-fall but Bryan reverses the pin into a roll-up and wins!


After the match the babyfaces regroup on the ramp and form a huddle as the heels berate them from the ring. Bryan and co. storm the ring and the heels run at them, minus Dolph. They throw Zayn and Nakamura out, then team-up against Ziggler. Bryan hits an atomic drop and Dolph very slowly stumbles onto the middle rope for Mysterio to hit the 619 and Big E to finish things with the Big Ending. All three men do the Yes chant and look to the heavens.

Kevin Owens is interviewed by Kayla Braxton backstage and she asks why he dislikes Roman. Owens says it’s because he used to respect and admire Roman, because he never looked down on anyone or act better. But not anymore and he doesn’t know if it’s because of Paul Heyman or just Roman, but it’s despicable. He tries to be nice to everyone in WWE because without the staff and crew, there is no show. KO wants to call Roman an a$$hole but he doesn’t want to piss-off Fox, so he hums it. Otis appears and he talks in plain English, saying he wants to bulldoze both Roman and Jey tonight.

Carmella and Sasha Banks have a sit-down interview in separate locations. Banks says she has something to say because Carmella has run her mouth for weeks. Banks says Carmella is not woman enough to attack her face-on, so now she’s got her attention and it’s time they settle it. Michael Cole asks if there’s a chance they’re too similar and Sasha laughs, saying no way. Carmella calls her a Nicki Minaj wannabe and Banks says she’s heard it all before.

Banks says she trained with Carmella back in the Performance Centre and she knows she’s good, she was the first woman to win the Money In The Bank ladder match. Carmella corrects her that she won the first two but Banks says she’s never got anywhere without help. But there’s a reason they’ve never faced one-on-one; Carmella isn’t on her level. Carmella says if they want to get personal that’s fine.

She knows Sasha hates her because being a WWE Superstar wasn’t her dream. She walked into the PC and everything came natural to her. She flew to the top of the industry and she has the whole package. Banks laughs it off and says if Carmella wants it she’s got a match for the title at TLC, but she better realise she’s never been in the ring with a badder bitch than her. Carmella laughs and clicks her fingers so the screen goes blank.

Murphy makes his way to the ring alongside Aalyah, Rey and Dominik Mysterio. He’ll be in action after the break.


King Corbin has brought some muscle along with him tonight to even the odds and I think one of them is Murphy’s old partner Wesley Blake. The match gets underway and Corbin forces Murphy into the corner and shoulders him. Murphy tries to fight back but Corbin throws him. Murphy fires back and goes to the top rope where he lands a sunset flip but Corbin doesn’t fall.

Instead the King lifts Murphy and drills him with a knee to the gut. Murphy ducks a clothesline and hits a hurricanrana that sends Corbin out of the ring. Murphy hits a running kick to Corbin from the apron, then Murphy is wary of Corbin’s men. The distraction allows Corbin to toss Murphy over the barricade into the timekeeper’s area.

We return to find Corbin still beating Murphy in the ring. The King slides out and back in but instead of a clothesline he hits a full nelson slam. On the outside of the ring Corbin’s goons, now identified as Wesley Blake and Brandon Cutler, walk around to stare down the Mysterio clan. Meanwhile Corbin mocks Rey and kicks and punches Murphy around the ring.

Murphy dodges a running punch from Corbin and takes a sleeper. Corbin runs backwards, slamming Murphy into the buckles but the Aussie holds on. Corbin runs him into the buckles again but Murphy climbs onto the top rope and hits a shotgun dropkick. Murphy dodges a few punches and unleashes a flurry of offence to the King.

Corbin attempts the out-and-in clothesline but Murphy catches him with a leaping knee and Corbin rolls outside. Murphy goes out and puts Corbin back in the ring, then stares down the goons again. Murphy hits Corbin with an enziguiri from the apron, but then Corbin’s goons attack Rey and Dominik at ringside. Murphy chases them off but slides inside and Corbin catches him with End of Days for the win!


The Street Profits are backstage, giving their impressions of tonight’s show. They joke about Roman thinking he’s too good for everyone now but Bobby Roode walks up and says the two goofs are more concerned with other peoples business than their own. Cesaro appears and says they need to know that the S-tier team on SmackDown is him and Nakamura. They argue amongst each other.


Jey comes to the ring alone, and it seems Roman won’t join him for a while as the consequences of his actions earlier. Jey starts against Otis and the big man tosses him across the ring  and takes his head off with a discus clothesline. Owens tags in and goes to work but Jey whips him into the turnbuckles, then hits a Samoan drop and both men are down. Suddenly Roman Reigns makes his entrance alongside Heyman.

Roman tags in and runs across the ring to hit Otis with a Superman punch, knocking him off the apron. Roman goes out after Otis and slams him into the announce desk, then into the ring post and beats him around ringside. Roman slams Otis into the steel steps, then takes the top off the steps and slams them into Otis’s chest on the ground over and over until Owens attacks him. Jey then hits Owens with a suicide dive as we head to the break.

Back live and Roman is beating on Kevin in the ring but makes a tag to Jey. Uso takes his anger out on Owens and beats him down into the corner. Jey backs up and looks to hit a hip attack but Owens avoids it and retaliates with a cannonball. Roman looks angry on the apron. Owens hits a lariat and a running senton, then looks for a pop-up powerbomb but Jey holds onto the ropes.

Owens kicks Jey and catches him with a DDT for a near-fall. Roman looks disgusted with Jey and Owens tells him to bring it but Roman just laughs. Jey attacks but Owens catches him with a Samoan drop and that really annoyed Roman. The tribal chief gets into the ring and hits Owens, then Jey drops him with a superkick.

Jey goes up top for an Uso Splash but Reigns tells him to get down and make the tag because this is his show and he wins the matches. Uso is conflicted but climbs down and moves to make the tag but Owens punches him, then Roman and hits Jey with a Stunner. Owens covers but Roman breaks it up. Reigns locks in the Guillotine and for some reason the referee just disqualifies him.


After the bell Roman continues choking Owens until he’s out, then scares the referee off and tells Jey to go get some chairs. Roman and Jey then beat Owens with chairs. Jey puts his chair on Owens and climbs up top to hit an Uso Splash. With both men down, Roman lifts the chair and smashes Jey in the back!

Roman beats Jey with the chair over and over, yelling that this is what he gets for embarrassing him and stepping over the line. Roman drags Jey over beside Owens and sets the Universal Championship on KO’s chest. He tells both of them that they have his attention. He grabs Owens by the beard and tells him he’s going to destroy his career, destroy his livelihood, and make his family fear him. Reigns poses with the title above them to end the show.

That’s it for this week’s SmackDown! Let us know what you thought of the show and I’ll see you back here on Sunday night for NXT WarGames! Until then, stay safe.