WWE Smackdown Results & Highlights: Cesaro returns and humiliates Seth Rollins. Rey Mysterio & Roman Reigns get involved in a brawl

WWE Smackdown Results and Live Updates: Cesaro returns and humiliates Seth Rollins yet again
WWE Smackdown Results and Live Updates: Cesaro returns and humiliates Seth Rollins yet again

WWE Smackdown – SmackDown Results & Highlights: Check out the big highlights and what happened on WWE Friday Night Smackdown Episode on June 12: WWE Smackdown is streaming live from the Yuengling Center in Tampa, Florida, from the critically acclaimed WWE Thunderdome.

WWE Smackdown – SmackDown Results & Highlights

Here is the match card:

  • Kevin Owens & Big E vs. Apollo Crews & Sami Zayn
  • Liv Morgan vs. Carmella
  • Bayley’s Ding Dong Hello- Special guest Seth Rollins
  • Montez Ford vs. Chad Gable
  • Shinsuke Nakamura vs. King Corbin
  • Rey Mysterio calls out Roman Reigns (UP Next)


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Here are the WWE Smackdown – SmackDown Results & Highlights from the night:

Rey Mysterio calls out Roman Reigns- Rey walks about into the ring and called Roman Reigns out. After a slight delay, Roman was out in the ring with his special counsel Paul Heyman.

Rey was boiling from inside and he was the one to start the talking. He started by saying- “I acknowledge you Roman..I acknowledge you for the rat bastard that you are.” He continued bragging about him more and said that he wants to find him inside the Hell in a Cell. 

Just when Roman Reigns was about to acknowledge the challenge, Rey attacked him with a kendo stick. He kept on hitting the Kendo stick until it was broken. Reigns regained some life and hit back Rey with a Superman punch. When Reigns was setting up for a Spear on Rey, Dominik came out of nowhere and attacked Roman with severe kendo stick strikes.

However, Roman caught him and power bombed him outside the ring. Once again Rey struck Roman with a Kendo stick from behind to take him out of the ring. But, when he got near his son to check on him, Roman ended the segment with a boot on Rey’s face.  


Backstage- Roman Reigns visits The Usos locker room, but before he could start, Jimmy lashed with his words on Roman. Jimmy said to Roman that he is tired of him with the Head of the Table shit. He said let’s just end this with a fight. Reigns however said- What are you doing Jimmy? Why do you want to fight me? I am doing all this for us, I want all of us to be together. You are the older one and you should understand that this is all for us, for our family. Once Roman was done talking, Jimmy walked away.


Shinsuke Nakamura vs. King Corbin- The rivalry between Nakamura and Corbin continued this week as well. As the match started, Rick Boogs played his guitar to distract Corbin. Nakamura took advantage and was the first one to start the offense. Corbin, however, took control soon and planted a Deep 6 on the Japanese star. He looked good until a roll-up pin cost him the match. Nakamura secured yet another win over Corbin and also walked out with the Crown in his posession.

WWE SmackDown Results: Shinsuke Nakamura defeated King Corbin.


Chad Gable vs. Montez Ford- The two stiff competitors got a roll-up throw on each other. A classic display of wrestling moves was on display from Chad Gable to take down Ford. Chad went for arm drags and looked in control. The momentum shifted soon though as Ford was countering Gable’s moves with some classic moves of his own. He then threw Gable out of the ring and dived onto him from the ropes.

After the commercial, both the men were inside the ring. Backstage Dawkins was watching the match on TV but got attacked in ambush from behind by Otis. In the ring, Ford was looking in control, just when he was going for his frog splash, Otis came out and attacked Ford to disqualify the match. He assaulted Ford and then splashed on him twice to conclude the assault.

WWE SmackDown Results: Montez Ford won via disqualification.


Backstage- Rey Mysterio promises to call out Roman Reigns tonight and show him what exactly a family looks like.


Bayley’s Ding Dong Hello- Special guest Seth Rollins- Rollins looked excited about the interview and termed the show as a “proper” show and a “proper” interview, unlike the last week. He first praised Bayley for what she is doing to Belair for the past few weeks and termed her a master manipulator. The two then started laughing in ecstasy. Bayley then played a clip of Seth Rollins knocking out Cesaro three weeks ago on WWE Smackdown. After watching the clip, it was pin-drop silence at first, but the two again started laughing with ecstasy.

Just when the two were laughing, Cesaro made a surprise visit and laid a furious attack on Rollins. He not only attacked him but also humiliated him by taking off his pants.  After Cesaro was done, Bianca’s music hit, and the Smackdown Women’s Champion came out. She mocked Bayley by laughing at her while Bayley was standing in the ring unamused.


Liv Morgan vs. Carmella- Liv blasted fierce attacks on Carmella right from the outset. Carmella then replied by taking Liv outside the ring and started dominating the proceedings like last week. She then went to the announce table and asked Michael Cole to tell everyone how beautiful she is.

She looked in control for the majority of the match as she was laying attacks on Liv. However, in the closing moments, Liv got some momentum by her side and placed a face burst from the ropes on Carmella to secure a pin on her. Carmella vs. Liv Morgan ins now 1-1 from the last two weeks.


Backstage- Chad Gable insists on canceling his tag team match against The Street Profits. He instead demands a one-on-one match against either Monyez Ford or Angelo Dawkins. Ford accepts the challenge and will go one-on-one against Gable. Both Otis and Angelo Dawkins won’t be present at the ringside.

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Kevin Owens & Big E vs. Apollo Crews & Sami Zayn- Kevin Owens blasted on both Apollo Crews and Sami Zayn at the same time. He took out Zayn outside the ring and Crews, inside the ring. As Owens was building momentum, Crews stopped the former Universal Champion. Crews and Zayn were giving simultaneous tags to each other and taking control in the match. As the match progressed both Big E and Kevin Owens were laying attacks on Crews and Zayn. In the closing moments, Kevin Owens hit a Swanton and Stunner on Zayn to secure victory.

WWE SmackDown Results: Kevin Owens pinned Sami Zayn to register a win for his team.


After the match got over, a furious Apollo Crew issued a challenge on Owens and Big E for the next week. He said he and Commander Azeez will team up to take on the two.


Back in the ring- Jimmy Uso makes his way to the ring. He talks about the fact that last week due to the referee’s mistake The Usos lost the match. He then blamed Roman Reigns that in the second match of the day, he stuck his nose in their business and cost them the match. He then said that Roman is jealous of both Jey and Jimmy because they too are a part of the family and they too want to represent the family.

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The night started with Roman and Jey sitting together in their private room.

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